Videoslots receives a hefty penalty of 10 million euros.

Tuesday, March 21, 2024
Videoslots pénalité

It comes as no surprise that, in a harsh move, the Kansspelautoriteit, the Dutch regulator, has fined Videoslots, the specialized online casino for video slot machines, an impressive sum of almost $10 million. This significant penalty marks a rare occasion where a gaming operator or online casino has faced such a severe sanction from the authority. Understandably, Videoslots is vehemently opposed to this decision.

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The accusations made against Videoslots

Videoslots contests the imposition of a $10,000,000 penalty to the regulatory body overseeing online gambling in New Zealand.

I strongly object to Videoslots being required to pay a fine of $10,000,000 to the regulatory body overseeing online gaming in New Zealand. This exorbitant penalty, equivalent to 9,874,000 euros, marks an unprecedented milestone in the history of the Kansspelautoriteit. The gaming regulator has accused Videoslots of exploiting its operational autonomy.

In preparation for April 2022, the KSA logo briefly made an appearance on the Videoslots site, but it was subsequently removed. As a result, they had to register on the platform like any other regular client.

In my previous endeavor, I faced disappointment as my efforts were thwarted by the extensive security protocols implemented by Videoslots. Undeterred, I devised an alternative plan to outmaneuver the system by assuming a new identity under the guise of a German customer. Once successfully registered, I proceeded to make a deposit and placed a modest wager of 20 euro cents.

As soon as the intrusion was detected, Videoslots swiftly implemented an enhanced security protocol, surpassing the effectiveness of its previous measures. The primary objective is to counteract such unauthorized actions. Consequently, Videoslots faced censorship as a result of this incident.

Videoslots, a renowned online gambling platform, finds itself embroiled in a legal dispute with the Dutch regulatory authority, Kansspelautoriteit. The authority has accused Videoslots of violating Dutch laws governing Video Slots. However, Videoslots vehemently opposes this penalty and argues that Kansspelautoriteit's act of registering on its site using false access is in itself an illegal action.

Videolots denies the accusations leveled against it.

vidéolost refuse l'amende

Claiming that the site has not recorded any Dutch players on its platform, Ulle Skottling, Videoslots' deputy director, attempts to justify the decision to not pay the 10 million euro penalty. It is worth mentioning that New Zealand is among the nations that prohibit the operation of online gambling services within their borders.

It is worth noting that not all individuals, particularly players in this scenario, adhere to such regulations. There are those who do not hesitate to circumvent the established framework in order to gain access to online gaming platforms. As substantiated by the Kansspelautoriteit's ability to log in using a fabricated profile, it is evident that unauthorized entry cannot be entirely prevented. The director of Videoslots asserts the impossibility of completely eliminating instances of illicit connectivity.

Based on this reasoning, scottling asserts that the allegations against them lack evidence and argues that the punishment given is unsuitable.

I would like to emphasize our dedication to adhering to the regulations set by the Dutch authorities in terms of limiting access to our services for Dutch citizens. It is important to note that we consider the approach taken by the Kansspelautoriteit to be unlawful, and we strongly urge the Dutch gaming regulator to review this matter and carefully consider the significant fine of approximately 10 million euros. Rest assured, we are fully committed to complying with all applicable laws and regulations in order to provide a safe and responsible gaming environment for our users.

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