Inspired Entertainment Corporation Introduces iLottery Games

Friday, November 19, 2024
Inspired et Loto Quebec

In 2022, our long-time client, Loto-Québec, will witness the major American game provider's venture into a new market. With great anticipation, the provider is all set to unveil its initial offerings, Scarab Treasures™ and Fruit Drop Scatterdrops™.

A highly anticipated and eagerly awaited fresh undertaking

In addition, their virtual sports products are available at a staggering 32,000 points of sale. Online gamers will have no trouble locating their favorite titles on over 170 internet platforms.

For several years now, Inspired Entertainment and Loto-Québec have been working together in close collaboration. On the operator's website, you can easily discover the finest games provided by Inspired Entertainment. As a way to further solidify their partnership, Loto-Québec has become the inaugural client to introduce these cutting-edge digital lottery games. With this development, players residing in the Quebec province can now enjoy seamless access to online lottery games through their dedicated application.

Our management team, with its extensive experience in the worldwide lottery market valued at over $300 billion, sees our entry into the iLottery market as a crucial strategic achievement for our company. Being selected by Loto-Québec as our inaugural client fills us with great excitement. This move represents a remarkable opportunity for significant growth in the iLottery sector, which we believe will be embraced by lotteries across the globe. This milestone holds tremendous importance for us, and we are thrilled to embark on this new venture.

I am delighted to announce that Loto-Québec, in its continuous efforts to enhance customer satisfaction, has chosen to partner with Inspired as its primary provider of online casino content. As the director of lottery products and development, I am thrilled to share this exciting news with you. Inspired's digital lottery games have already made a significant impact on our customers, proving to be highly popular. Consequently, we are honored to be their inaugural client in the iLottery market. We are eager to collaborate closely with Inspired, as it presents a unique opportunity for us to showcase some of our most successful retail brands within their innovative online platforms. This strategic alliance will undoubtedly bring about an enriching and mutually beneficial partnership for all parties involved.

Inspired et Loto Quebec

Discover Inspired Entertainment

Inspired Entertainment is a leading company in the realm of online gaming, offering a diverse range of products to regulated operators.

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In summary, this provider offers online gaming solutions tailored to each market in several countries. Their diverse portfolio includes traditional casino games like blackjack, roulette, and poker, as well as slot machines and other games of chance. These games are developed with high-quality graphics, innovative features, and high payout rates, ensuring an immersive and lucrative gaming experience for players. The provider also places particular emphasis on transaction security and user data protection. Due to its reputation and reliability, many online gaming operators have chosen to collaborate with this provider to enhance their game offerings and provide a premium gaming experience to their users. The French language, spoken by 100 million people in 35 jurisdictions, holds official status in countries such as France, Belgium, and Canada. It is also spoken in other French-speaking countries such as Switzerland, Luxembourg, and several African countries. French is a rich and diverse language with numerous regional variations. It is used in various contexts, including business, culture, politics, and education. French also plays a significant role in international organizations such as the United Nations, where it is one of the six official languages. Furthermore, it is often taught as a foreign language in many countries around the world. Francophonie is a term used to describe the collective of countries and people who speak French. It represents a dynamic and diverse community that enables cultural and linguistic exchanges among its member countries. In conclusion, French is an influential and widely-spoken language in the world, with both historical and contemporary significance. Additionally, with over 50,000 machines and 32,000 points of sale, players can enjoy virtual sports products on more than 170 internet sites.

What about Loto-Québec?

I would like to present to you an article excerpt that is exactly the same length as the provided example. This excerpt revolves around the topic of Loto-Quebec, also known as The Lotteries Society of Quebec, which was established in 1969 as a state-owned company responsible for overseeing lottery games and gambling activities in the province of Quebec. With a workforce of over 5,800 individuals, Loto-Quebec operates and manages four brick-and-mortar casinos. To ensure effective management of all their operations, Loto-Quebec has established multiple subsidiaries.

  • ✶ ???? The Society for Gambling in Quebec.
  • ???? The Quebec Gaming Establishments Society;
  • ✶ 🏢 Casiloc Inc. ;
  • ✶ 🏢 Lotim Inc. ;
  • ✶ 🏢 Nter Technologies.
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