Why do Belgians have such a strong affinity for gambling, according to the Gambling Commission?

Commission des Jeux de Hasard

The Belgian Gaming Commission, established in 1999, is a trusted authority responsible for ensuring that online gambling is legal, fair, and secure for all Belgian players. Throughout the years, it has played a crucial role in regulating the country's gaming industry. The commission is accountable for licensing online gaming operators, monitoring gaming activities to prevent fraud and crime, and safeguarding vulnerable players. As a Belgian player, you can have peace of mind knowing that all online gaming sites authorized by the Belgian Gaming Commission adhere to the strictest standards of security and responsible gaming. These sites undergo regular checks to ensure compliance with regulations and provide a fair gaming experience for all players. Additionally, the Belgian Gaming Commission offers a player assistance service that provides advice and information to individuals facing gambling problems. This service is available free of charge and can be contacted via phone, email, or live chat. If you're a Belgian player looking for a safe and secure online gaming experience, the Belgian Gaming Commission is here to help. Feel free to visit their website for more information about authorized online gaming sites and the player protection measures in place. Don't let your dreams of playing online games of chance shatter due to unauthorized and unregulated sites. Trust the Belgian Gaming Commission and play safely and confidently.

Understanding the nature of the Belgian casino license is essential for developing an informed perspective on the subject.

connaissance des licences

The Gambling Commission, established in 1999, has been granting Belgian players the legal opportunity to indulge in gambling activities. From the very beginning, their primary objective has been to effectively regulate the gambling market, whether it be online platforms or physical establishments.

Nowadays, the capabilities of the system have been broadened, enabling players to enjoy immense freedom while operators can unleash their creativity.

Belgium has a vibrant cultural scene that revolves around the love for play and entertainment. Whether it's engaging in sports betting, trying one's luck at dice slots, participating in bingo games, or visiting the grandest halls, there are abundant opportunities for amusement. The key is to indulge in these activities while ensuring safety and avoiding any potential risks. It's crucial to have a good time, but not at the expense of jeopardizing one's well-being.

What precisely do Belgium's gaming license missions entail, serving as the fundamental reason behind their existence?

The missions of the Gaming Commission in Belgium are essentially the same as those of its counterparts elsewhere. These involve, specifically:

  • Allocating authorization licenses to gaming establishments that aim to provide their services to players in Belgium while adhering to all the specifications.
  • To safeguard the well-being of around 11 million aspiring gamers, we adhere to the tenets of responsible gaming, which encompass upholding legal age requirements, combating money laundering, and preventing addiction.
  • To differentiate criteria based on the operator's specific industry. Therefore, land-based casinos possess a distinct license compared to online casinos, while bookmakers hold a separate document from non-specialized organizations that also engage in online gambling to some extent.

Are you finding it difficult to grasp the Gaming law in Belgium due to an overwhelming amount of information? These 4 key points will provide you with the necessary guidance.

In 2010, the legislation on gambling was updated to accommodate the growing online market, although the Gaming Commission itself was established back in 1999.

2. Please note that while the legal age of majority in Belgium is 18 years old, individuals under the age of 21 will not be permitted to access physical casinos.

The Spa casino, for instance, manages the casino 777 platform and is obligated to obtain both the A and A+ licenses. The Gaming Commission distributes a total of 6 licenses, with the A license being necessary for physical casinos. However, if they intend to provide online services, they must also acquire the A+ license.

In Belgium, obtaining a license can be perceived as a more intricate process, as the Gaming Commission advises applicants to adhere to the three official languages of the country, namely English, Dutch, or German.

What is the reputation of each Belgian casino authority? We conducted an investigation on your behalf.


Belgium's online casinos have become a top choice for players seeking high-performance, generous, and enjoyable gambling experiences. The country's Gaming Commission has set high standards, demanding excellence from entertainment platforms that wish to obtain this prestigious license.

As an assistant, it is important for me to share our preferred authorized operators with you. We have carefully considered several factors and have chosen our favorites. In the attached table, you will find a comprehensive list of these operators along with their reviews. Feel free to peruse the reviews and sign up for their services if they resonate with you.

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