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On July 1, 2020, a well-known game developer called Evolution Gaming introduced a new and exciting title called Crazy Time. This game adds a fresh and innovative touch to the traditional live casino experience. In addition to offering classic games like blackjack, roulette, and poker, the live casino also includes a selection of these cutting-edge and unique titles. So, players can enjoy both the timeless favorites and the latest creations in one immersive gaming space.

The idea behind the Crazy Time phenomenon

Crazy Time, upon its launch, received accolades for being a wheel of fortune that is both highly entertaining and packed with features. The objective of this game, much like a traditional wheel of fortune, entails placing your bets on the segment where the pointer ultimately comes to a halt. Should your prediction turn out to be correct, you will be rewarded with a payout equivalent to your initial wager.

Crazy Time, a game of chance, features a unique wheel of fortune comprising 54 segments. What sets this game apart is the variety of betting options it presents to players. In addition to the familiar four classic bets, Crazy Time offers four distinct features that add an extra element of excitement to the gameplay.

A random profit multiplier may also emerge, allowing you to potentially win 25,000 times your initial wager by utilizing the combined array of enticing features.

Please note that the wheel contains the numbers 1, 2, 5, and 10 to represent the classic betting options.

  • There are 21 segments available for betting, each with the number 1, with a betting range of $0.10 to $2,500. If the needle lands on a 1, you will win twice the amount you wagered.
  • There are a total of 13 segments available for betting, each with a minimum wager of $0.10 and a maximum of $2500. If the needle lands on a 2, you will receive three times your initial wager as a prize.
  • Place wagers ranging from $0.10 to $2500 on the 7 segments displaying the numeral 5. If the hand lands on a 5, your bet will be multiplied by 5, resulting in your winnings.
  • Four sections consisting of the numeral 10 (wager ranging from $0.10 to $1000) if the needle lands on a 1, you will earn a payout that is 10 times the amount you wagered.

The remaining 9 segments of the wheel contain the specific functionalities.

  • Place a wager on a coin flip ranging from $0.10 to $300. These four segments initiate a coin toss, where each side of the coin is assigned a multiplier rate. The win multiplier is consistently between x2 and x100.
  • Participate in Cash Hunt and place bets ranging from $0.10 to $250. By selecting from these two segments, you gain entry to a device comprising 108 symbols. By targeting your desired location, you will receive a multiplier ranging from x7 to x50.
  • Pachinko (wager ranging from $0.10 to $250) A well-known Japanese game that draws inspiration from both slot machines and pinball, this particular option enables players to unlock multipliers ranging from x2 to x50.
  • Crazy Time (wager ranging from $0.10 to $125) This extraordinary box grants you entry into an otherworldly dimension where a secondary wheel with 64 sections awaits. Within this realm, you have the chance to win an astonishing 20,000 times your original wager.

The unique visual characteristics of the game Crazy Time

As soon as you enter the online casino, the Crazy Time game beckons you with its lively animated show. Hosting the show is a presenter who not only entertains but also takes charge of spinning the wheel of fortune beside her. The game transforms into a captivating television spectacle, unfolding in a wild and exhilarating atmosphere!

At each session, the interface provides a vibrant and colorful experience. The bottom of the screen features 8 dedicated pitches for potential bets, while the top left corner offers access to the live chat. The wheel of fortune, on the other hand, is comprised of 54 segments representing the 8 betting options available.

A game in action developed by Evolution Gaming

I carefully examine every new release from Evolution Gaming, as their software is renowned for its excellence in the live casino games industry. One game that has recently caught my attention is Crazy Time. It was unveiled for the first time at the Ice Gaming 2020 exhibition and the anticipation from players was palpable. The development process for this game took an entire year, with the team working tirelessly to perfect every aspect. Finally, on July 1, 2020, Crazy Time was unleashed upon the eager gaming community, ready to provide hours of thrilling entertainment.

Among casino games, Evolution Gaming believes that this ambitious project, which involved the collaboration of over a hundred individuals, is the ultimate wheel of fortune. Drawing inspiration from their previous successful titles like Dream Catcher, the renowned publisher infused this game with innovative features.

We can clearly observe the extensive expertise of Evolution Gaming: the game experience remains smooth without any lag, and the diverse presenters exhibit a remarkable level of professionalism, prepared to tackle any situation.

Get ready for the exhilarating thrill of Crazy Time's complimentary spins.

The focus of Crazy Time's features primarily revolves around win multipliers, meaning that obtaining Free Spins while playing is not possible.

On our side, we offer exclusive bonuses, such as free spins, to ensure that you don't miss any promotions, all you need to do is regularly check the dedicated promotions page on your online casino!

The multipliers that lead to victory on the game Crazy Time

When it comes to the four special wagers (Coin Flip, Cash Hunt, Pachinko, and Crazy Time), it's worth noting that they each offer unique win multipliers. However, there's more to it than that: every time the wheel is spun, two reels will reveal scrolling multiplier values.

I can match your winning bet with a multiplier ranging from x2 to x100, giving you an additional opportunity to increase your potential winnings. It's important to note that not every reel offers this type of bonus, but when it does, it can greatly enhance your chances of multiplying your winnings.

Casinos where you can enjoy playing Crazy Time

I have handpicked the top three online casinos where you can indulge in the thrilling and wildly popular game known as Crazy Time. This exhilarating wheel of fortune has taken the online gaming world by storm and has become an absolute sensation. Developed by none other than Evolution Gaming, a renowned name in the industry, Crazy Time offers an unparalleled gaming experience. Rest assured, these partner casinos have made it possible for you to immerse yourself in the excitement of Crazy Time.

Discover the top 3 casinos for an unforgettable Crazy Time experience in January 2023.
# casino Bonuses Software Play
1 1Win 200 $+ 500 free spins Exclusive
2 JackpotCity Casino 300 $+ 500 free spins Exclusive
3 My Luck 250 $10$ free on registration Exclusive

Crazy Time's mobile adaptation.

You don't need to download anything to play Crazy Time, one of Evolution Gaming's popular games. It utilizes HTML5 technology, making it accessible on both mobile and desktop devices. Enjoy the game wherever you are!

No matter which device you prefer, your experience will remain consistent. The game seamlessly adjusts to fit the dimensions of your screen, ensuring that you can effortlessly utilize all the available features while keeping a keen eye on the spinning wheel of fortune.

The Payout Rate of Crazy Time is astonishing.

On Crazy Time, the player receives a payout rate of 95.5%, but each bet type has its unique rate.

The statistics for traditional wagers are as stated:

  • Segment with a 1 : RTP of 96.08%
  • Segment with a 2 : 95.95% RTP
  • Segment with a 5 : RTP of 95.78%
  • Segment with a 10 : RTP of 95.73%

Unsurprisingly, the figures for these types of wagers tend to be marginally lower.

  • Flip corner : RTP of 95.70%
  • Cash Hunt : RTP of 95.27%
  • Pachinko : RTP of 94.33%
  • Crazy Time : RTP of 94.41%

Games that resemble Crazy Time

I recommend giving Crazy Time a try, and if you enjoy it, I also suggest exploring the monopoly live games and dream catcher, both of which are developed by Evolution Gaming. These two titles offer similar gameplay mechanics, featuring a wheel of fortune and easy-to-understand rules, while also providing the same thrilling and exhilarating atmosphere that is characteristic of this genre of games.

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