GamCare releases a report that uncovers the dangers linked to gambling among the youth.

Friday, 21 2024

Recognizing the potential consequences of online gaming and video games, particularly in relation to compulsive gambling, GamCare actively collaborates with gambling operators to promote responsible gaming and ensure appropriate protective measures are in place for vulnerable players. This charitable organization offers guidance and support to both players and their loved ones, aiming to raise awareness and prevention through educational programs in schools and communities. By educating individuals about the risks associated with compulsive gambling and informing them about available resources for assistance, GamCare strives to address this complex issue comprehensively. In addition to providing information and support, GamCare conducts research to inform public policies and enhance overall understanding of gambling-related issues. To summarize, GamCare is a British charity working to assist individuals affected by gambling problems and promote responsible gaming, offering guidance, support, and conducting research to inform policies and prevent gambling-related issues, even among young people. They recently released a study on the dangers of gambling among young people.

Worrying results

In my analysis of the utilization of GamCare support services, specifically the National Gambling Helpline, it was discovered that a staggering 71.5% of the 353 young individuals who sought assistance were identified as having a gambling issue. Additionally, a smaller percentage of 8.5% were classified as being "at risk," while the remaining 20% reached out to express concerns regarding a loved one or acquaintance entangled in gambling-related troubles.

Among those under the age of 18 who engage in gaming activities, it has been noted that a significant majority, specifically 77%, partake in online platforms. These platforms encompass a wide range of activities such as e-sports betting, social games, and transactions involving in-app purchases and skin betting. The latter involves the acquisition, sale, and exchange of various items with other players.

The measures implemented to assist the youth

Gamcare introduced BigDeal, a platform that offers assistance to young gamers in need.

I would like to share an interesting initiative called BigDeal, launched by GamCare. It aims to address the financial and addiction challenges faced by young players. To provide adequate assistance, GamCare has created a website where these individuals can seek support if they are worried about their own gambling habits or the gambling habits of others.

The website also provides resources for individuals who are parents or professionals working with youth, such as educators and social service providers.

As the CEO of GamCare, Anna Hemmings expressed her optimism that Big Deal would effectively communicate with young individuals using straightforward language, addressing the core concerns associated with gambling, the potential risks they may face, and the available avenues for seeking further assistance through their helpline.

GamCare is urging for compulsory gambling education in the UK school curriculum due to the fact that the data range pertains to individuals below the age of 18.

Moreover, GamCare collaborated with Gamban, a provider of gambling blocking software, in the previous year to offer complimentary self-exclusion software.

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