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Is game developer Thunderkick able to keep up with the current trends with their iSlot Birds on a wire™?

As an avid follower of the online casino gaming scene, it is impossible not to be familiar with the Thunderkick editor. While it may not carry the same level of recognition as industry giants like NetEnt and Microgaming, Thunderkick is undoubtedly a leader in its own right. Their expertise lies in developing exceptional slot machines, and their iSlots have become instantly recognizable among players.

As a successful developer, his exceptional creativity and meticulous attention to detail set him apart. While Thunderkick may offer fewer options compared to other competitors, their games exude a high level of sophistication and vibrancy. Each game is carefully crafted with well-planned features, ensuring a plethora of delightful surprises for players.

After thoroughly examining the Birds on a wire™ slot machine, which brings to mind another avian-inspired slot game, we, the members of the editorial team, have come to appreciate the editor's choice. It's only natural that we questioned whether this particular offering from Thunderkick, the developer, lives up to their esteemed reputation. Our comprehensive analysis shall now be presented.

What aspects will entice you to enjoy playing the iSlot Birds on a wire™?

Nestled upon a high-voltage power line lies the Birds on a Wire™ slot machine by Thunderkick, an extraordinary game that captivates with its innovative visuals and unique gameplay. With 5 reels and 17 paylines, this slot game breaks away from the conventional designs typically associated with Thunderkick creations, offering a delightful surprise to players. As the game unfolds, players will be greeted with a stunning display of various bird species, elegantly perched upon the power line, creating a picturesque scene that adds to the overall charm of the game. Prepare to be enchanted by this electrifying adventure that combines exceptional graphics with thrilling gameplay.

The musical ambiance of the Birds on a Wire™ slot machine is both calming and vibrant, ensuring that you won't tire of the repetitive track even if you decide to play for several hours. There are a total of 7 different symbols, each corresponding to a unique species, and they can be easily distinguished due to their varied shapes and colors.

Are the features provided by the Birds on a Wire™ slot machine genuinely captivating?

The Birds on a Wire™ iSlot offers a range of captivating features that are not only entertaining but also beneficial for your bankroll. One particular remarkable feature is the presence of a strikingly large black bird embellished with yellow dotted stripes, which serves as the traditional Wild symbol. This majestic creature has the power to substitute for all other symbols on the reels, with the exception of the bonus symbol. Its appearance on the screen can potentially enhance your chances of achieving winning combinations and maximizing your earnings. As you spin the reels, this fascinating Wild symbol's ability to transform mundane spins into thrilling wins adds an extra layer of excitement to your gameplay experience.

As soon as you lay your eyes on the Birds on a Wire™ slot machine, you may be inclined to believe it exudes a sleek, classic vibe. However, your perspective will swiftly shift when you come across a victorious combination. In fact, the triumph is commemorated by the electrifying demise of the birds involved in said combination! Furthermore, the symbols that have disappeared are promptly substituted before you are required to take another spin of the reels. This extraordinary feature sets it apart from all other slot machines you have encountered!

During the regular gameplay, you have the opportunity to save your bets and also enhance the range of multipliers on the game board. In the normal mode, the multipliers span from 1 to 5, while in the bonus round, they vary from 4 to 20. This feature not only helps you conserve your bets but also boosts the potential winnings by expanding the range of multipliers available.

When playing the Birds on a Wire™ game, you'll not only experience a range of exciting features but also have the chance to enjoy the thrilling "Inwinity Spin". This unique feature comes into play after you've exhausted all your free spins in the bonus game. Once activated, the game keeps spinning until you land a winning combination, ensuring that the excitement never ends.

When you're done searching, you'll come across a bag made of sturdy cardboard, adorned with a pair of vibrant yellow eyes reminiscent of almonds. However, don't be fooled by its feline appearance; it's actually a symbol that brings you added rewards. Once you collect three of these bonus symbols, you'll be treated to ten complimentary spins, and for every extra symbol you find, two more spins will be added to your total, with a chance to earn up to a maximum of thirty-four free spins.

Playing the Birds on a Wire™ slot machine is truly a beloved pastime for us. We sincerely hope that you derive just as much pleasure as we do from this "guilty" indulgence of watching the electrifying spectacle of these avian spheres, all for the betterment of your bankroll. May fortune smile upon you!

Game details

Kind rolls Win lines progressive Jackpot (tokens) Jackpot (cash) Max Playable Tokens Wild icon
video slot machine 5 17 No 1000 200 10 Yes
Multiplier Scatter icon Additional rounds bet limit Value of bets Tokens per line mini-game Software
Yes Yes Yes from 0.1$ to 10.00$ 0,01 – 1$ 1 Yes Thunderkick
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