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Experience the thrill of this captivating game with a delightful $100 bonus offer.

ELK Studios, a renowned Swedish gaming company, uncovers the mysterious aspect of ancient Egypt in their captivating slot game, Hiddenâ„¢.

Determined to embark on an exhilarating expedition, the rain-soaked streets of London no longer held sway over the aged scholar, Professor Taylor, and his intrepid nephew, Benjamin. Together, they yearned to unravel the enigma surrounding the vanishing gold-coated stones from the majestic pyramids, beckoning us to join their captivating odyssey. Could these stones have truly existed, or have they been concealed from the world's gaze? Dare we imagine that this concealed fortune lies silently, patiently, awaiting its rediscovery?

ELK Studios has skillfully crafted an immersive game that takes players on a captivating journey back in time to ancient Egypt, a realm of formidable pharaohs and formidable deities. This compelling gaming experience is seamlessly optimized for both desktop and mobile platforms, ensuring that players can enjoy it wherever they are.

Another successful bet comes from the Swedish publisher ELK Studios. With their new game, they continue to amaze us by immersing players in great moments of history. In their previous iSlots, such as Ivanhoe™ and Poltava™, they took us on journeys through the wars of the North in the 12th and 17th centuries. Now, they have decided to transport us straight to the cradle of civilization. This time, ELK Studios offers us a game with captivating graphics that are both profitable and entertaining. It is clear that they have once again hit the mark with this new release.

Hiddenâ„¢, the slot that promises to amuse you while bestowing upon you wealth akin to that of an ancient pharaoh?

Hidden™ takes us into an intriguing universe, a realm caught between the realms of dreams and reality, where the vibrant desert air envelops us, the sun's piercing rays dazzle our eyes, and a majestic, lifelike pyramid looms ahead, its presence accentuated by the watchful gaze of Anubis' guardians, who lock eyes with us without wavering.

Beware of the descending boulders when playing this 5-reel slot game. As the reels spin, you'll witness massive stones with enigmatic hieroglyphs crashing down, but fear not, for these colossal blocks are designed to enhance your chances of winning. With 128 paylines and a volatility rating of 8/10, this exceptional machine amplifies your winning opportunities, surpassing those of a typical slot game. Brace yourself for an exhilarating gaming experience!

Hiddenâ„¢ isn't just a mirage, it's a true oasis filled with Freespins, Wild symbols, and bonus games.

Beneath the colossal rock formations that plummet towards you, lies an array of breathtaking rewards!

  • Wild:The camels, bearing the smile of the underworld, possess the power to substitute any other emblem (excluding the magnifying glass) in order to enhance your likelihood of achievement.
  • Treasure Room Free Spins:As soon as 3 Scatter Magnifying Glasses show up on the reels, you activate this bonus game and receive 5 complimentary spins. The number of additional free spins you get will depend on the outcome of this bonus game.
  • Flashback respin:Through a completely random process, the three middle reels will become adorned with Sticky Wilds, joining forces with the other symbols for three spins, resulting in increased winnings.

During their visit to Cairo and the nearby pyramids, Uncle Taylor and Benjamin will provide you with a range of game tactics commonly found in ELK Studios games. These strategies include the Jumper, Booster, Leveller, and Optimizer modes, offering you a variety of options to effectively balance your wins and losses and increase your chances of emerging triumphant... granted that fortune smiles upon you, of course!

Game details

Kind rolls Win lines progressive Jackpot (tokens) Jackpot (cash) Max Playable Tokens Wild icon
video slot machine 5 178 No 3,000 tokens 215 000$ 20 Yes
Multiplier Scatter icon Additional rounds bet limit Value of bets Tokens per line mini-game Software
No Yes Yes from 0.20$ to 100$ from 0.20$ to 100$ - Yes ELK Studios
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