kawaii kitty

kawaii kitty
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In short…

Come and warm your heart during this winter season! Betsoft has unveiled a delightful surprise with their latest addition to the slot machine collection, Kawaii Kitty™. Once again, this brilliant game designer, known for their mastery in creating stunning 3D visuals, has truly outdone themselves. Prepare to be captivated by the charm of a lovable little white cat as you embark on your Kawaii Kitty™ adventure.

Discover the wonders of Betsoft's creation, a delightful surprise that will not disturb your morning slumber with its meowing or leave any unwanted hair on your beloved jeans. This lovable companion is far superior to a dog, as it will never pester you for food and, to top it off, it has the potential to help you claim a generous jackpot. Prepare to be amazed by the incredible features this furry marvel has in store for casino enthusiasts.

His interest

Developed with stunning three-dimensional graphics, the Kawaii Kitty™ slot machine boasts its number 1 attraction: an adorable little kitten that bears an uncanny resemblance to the beloved Hello Kitty character, complete with its white fur and a dainty yellow bow adorning its ear. This charming feline is sure to capture the hearts of even the most hardened players, melting away any trace of indifference or aloofness.

As I spin the reels of the slot machine, I am delighted by the cleverly designed symbols created by Betsoft. They have taken great care in selecting accessories that cater to the needs of our feline friends. On my screen, I see an array of items that are meant to pamper and entertain cats, including bricks of milk to ensure their hydration, brushes to keep their fur groomed, fish-shaped treats for a tasty reward, plastic mice to satisfy their hunting instincts, small yellow bows for a touch of elegance, cat food to satiate their appetite, cans of tuna for a delectable feast, and balls of yarn to provide endless hours of play. Each spin brings forth new possibilities and the chance to encounter these delightful symbols.

Kawaii Kitty™ is a game that may appear to have childish graphics, but don't be fooled - it's actually meant for players who are 18 years and older. With 10 pay lines and 5 reels, this online slot machine offers a payout rate of 95.3% and has medium volatility, ensuring that you can experience regular, moderate winnings. Additionally, what makes this slot machine even more appealing is its flexibility to accommodate any budget, allowing you to place bets ranging from $0.10 to $100 per spin.

Its bonuses

When it comes to the attractive visuals and adorable concept that Kawaii Kitty™ offers, it undeniably captivates our attention. The competition, unfortunately, hasn't fully explored this delightful theme. However, it is essential to acknowledge that Betsoft could have put in more effort when it comes to the bonuses provided by this machine. With only one bonus feature, the Wild Yarn, it may seem lacking at first glance. Nevertheless, this particular bonus has the potential to significantly enhance your gameplay experience, offering a valuable boost to your chances of success.

On the machine, there is a bonus that comes in the form of two balls of yarn. It acts as a wild symbol and can only be found on reels 2, 3, and 4. Should it appear on any of these reels, that specific reel will remain in place while the other four reels continue to spin. This triggers a free spin, increasing your chances of landing a winning combination.

Kawaii Kitty™, like every other Betsoft slot, offers the fantastic Double Up feature. This feature grants you the opportunity to multiply your winnings when you have a successful bet. When you opt for this feature, a menu will pop up on your screen, displaying a coin adorned with an adorable little kitten. Your task is to predict whether the coin will land on heads or tails once it is flipped. If your prediction is correct, your winnings will be doubled, and you can continue to repeat this process as many times as you like. It's an exciting chance to increase your earnings and add even more fun to your gaming experience!

Game details

Kind rolls Win lines progressive Jackpot (tokens) Jackpot (cash) Max Playable Tokens Wild icon
3D slot machine 5 10 No 500 tokens 300 $ 100 Yes
Multiplier Scatter icon Additional rounds bet limit Value of bets Tokens per line mini-game Software
No No No from 0.10$ to 100$ from $0.02 to $1 1 No Betsoft
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