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Pirate Island
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In short…

As September draws to a close, I reflect on the successful transition back to school. However, the perpetually dreary weather compels me to provide an avenue for escapism. In light of this, I present to you a captivating notion: immerse yourself in the world of pirates and embark on an exhilarating contemporary quest for hidden treasure.

It's time to set sail and embark on an exhilarating journey through Pirate Isle™ by Real Time Gaming. Prepare yourself for a thrilling adventure that will transport you into the captivating world of pirates. Immerse yourself in their lives as you find yourself aboard their ship, amidst the chaos of enemy attacks and the heart-pounding action. If you're ready to embrace the excitement and fearlessness, join me on this epic voyage.

His interest

Once again, we find ourselves in this unusual environment provided by Real Time Gaming, where we are truly indulged. Immersed within the confines of a ship belonging to these notorious pirates of the sea, a sense of rustic charm envelops us as we navigate through the heart of the vessel, encircled by sturdy wooden stairs, cannons poised for battle, and the gentle glow of old-fashioned lamps. However, it is imperative to remain vigilant even during the seemingly tranquil moments, as the enemy is always lurking nearby, ready to strike.

In this captivating game, get ready to set sail on dangerous seas and embark on a treasure hunt. The slot machine not only offers numerous features but also provides free spins, winning multipliers, and interactive bonuses. With its impressive 3D technology, this game showcases some of the most visually stunning graphics, including an adorable pirate that greets us in the introductory scene. Prepare yourself for an adventure filled with hidden treasures as you navigate through perilous waters.

The Pirate Isle™ slot machine is a game that consists of 5 reels and offers 25 paylines for players to enjoy. With a wide range of betting limits available, starting from as low as $0.01 and going up to $1, this game is perfect for those seeking affordable entertainment. By opting to bet on all 25 paylines, players can place wagers ranging from $0.25 to $25, allowing for flexibility and customization in their gameplay.

Its bonuses

Don't miss out on the opportunity to enjoy numerous bonuses with the Pirate Isle™ slot machine created by Real Time Gaming. One of the key features of this game is the collection of 5 keys, which will grant you 18 free spins. Additionally, keep an eye out for the skeleton key, a traditional Wild bonus that will greatly increase your winning potential. As per usual, this symbol has the ability to substitute for all other icons except for the scatters.

Throughout your journey in Pirate Isle™, keep an eye out for treasure chests and galleons, as these symbols will bring in substantial rewards. It's important to note that there is also a special Progressive Jackpot waiting to be won, fulfilling all your desires. So, be on the lookout for scatters in the form of these exciting and valuable items as you embark on your adventure.

Game details

Kind rolls Win lines progressive Jackpot (tokens) Jackpot (cash) Max Playable Tokens Wild icon
3D slot machine 5 25 Yes 830,000 tokens 120 000$ 200 Yes
Multiplier Scatter icon Additional rounds bet limit Value of bets Tokens per line mini-game Software
No Yes Yes from $0.01 to $1 from 0.25$ to 25$ 1 Yes Real Time Gaming
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