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In short…

Come and discover the winning gardeners of Versailles on this slot machine, as Rival has decided to deviate from the norm and offer you a gardening-themed experience. Prepare to be transported to a magical world filled with enchanting floral graphics and special features that offer generous rewards. Don't worry if you don't have a green thumb, as this game provides ample opportunities to win. Symbols such as flowers, butterflies, and birds will open the doors to winning combinations. Additionally, special features like free spins and win multipliers will help you maximize your profits. Get ready to immerse yourself in the enchanted world of the secret garden and reap flourishing profits. Play Secret Garden™ now and let your luck blossom like a flower. Good luck! By understanding the mechanics and various bonuses of this slot machine, you can decrypt its functionality and collect maximum profits. Let's get you on track!

His interest

In the enchanting realm of Secret Garden™, Rival invites you to bask in the serene beauty of nature. Picture this: the lush foliage of ivy gracefully adorning both sides of the slot machine, while the paytables take the form of delicate flower pots. This meticulous attention to detail truly immerses you in the theme. However, it must be noted that Rival falls short when it comes to the symbols on the slot machine, which lack the vibrancy and excitement one would hope for in a game like this. A touch of visual animation upon winning combinations would have added that extra spark of charm. Furthermore, for a truly enjoyable gaming experience, we strongly recommend muting the background music. Regrettably, the developer did not quite capture the essence of the chosen theme in this aspect, as the soundtrack merely consists of a catchy yet unremarkable melody. Surely, it wouldn't have been too challenging to incorporate the soothing tunes of chirping birds as a more fitting accompaniment!

I am excited to introduce Secret Garden™, a captivating slot machine that offers endless possibilities for cultivating maximum winnings. With 5 reels and 20 paylines, this game provides the perfect platform for players seeking big jackpots. In fact, every game presents an incredible opportunity to win up to $25,000. What's more, Secret Garden™ offers highly flexible betting options, allowing you to wager anywhere between $0.01 and $100 per spin. This means that both cautious players and high rollers can enjoy the thrill of this extraordinary game.

Its bonuses

Oh, I must say that the design of the Secret Garden™ slot machine is a tad underwhelming, as we have observed. However, fear not, for Rival has compensated for it with an impressive range of bonuses! Yes, this time around, the developer has spared no effort, as you will have the opportunity to take advantage of not just one, but three bonuses, all in the pursuit of maximizing your winnings. Firstly, by collecting three key symbols, you can unlock an exhilarating bonus game. Furthermore, you can rely on the Secret Garden™ Wild bonus, featuring a delightful mallard duck, to amass a substantial amount of winning credits. This bonus allows you to substitute any other symbol on the reels, thereby increasing your chances of forming even more winning combinations. Moreover, you will be delighted to know that free spins await you in abundance in this game, courtesy of the Scatter icon. Should this symbol grace your reels three times, you will be rewarded with a generous offering of 20 free spins, accompanied by a delightful doubling of your winnings. Additionally, should this icon make an appearance four times on the reels, you will be gifted with a whopping 30 free spins, and should it grace your reels five times, you will be granted a staggering 50 free spins! Oh, how we relish the moments when Rival pampers us in such a splendid manner!

Game details

Kind rolls Win lines progressive Jackpot (tokens) Jackpot (cash) Max Playable Tokens Wild icon
3D slot machine 5 20 No 10,000 tokens 25 000 $ 200 tokens Yes
Multiplier Scatter icon Additional rounds bet limit Value of bets Tokens per line mini-game Software
Yes Yes Yes from 0.01$ to 100$ from $0.01 to $0.50 10 Yes Rival
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