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Slotomania™, developed by Playtika, is a popular online slot game available on multiple platforms such as Facebook, Android, and iOS. With a wide variety of themed slot machines and immersive graphics, players can enjoy a diverse gaming experience. The game also offers competitive elements through tournaments and rewards, adding an extra dimension to the gameplay. Additionally, Slotomania™ provides social features like connecting with friends and sending virtual gifts. With regular updates and frequent addition of new games, Slotomania™ continues to be a preferred choice for online slot enthusiasts. Join millions of players worldwide and discover what makes Slotomania™ a success. Playtika has created a slot game with over 200 machines, ensuring that there is always something new to try. Whether you prefer classic, 5-reel, video, or 3D slots, you can find the perfect fit in one of the most versatile slot games available.

🎰 Slot machine Slotomania™
✨ Software provider Playtika
👉 Minimum bet fictitious bets
🤑 Maximum win Fictitious earnings
🔎RTP N / A

Welcome to the thrilling world of Slotomania™ Slot Machine.

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Slotomania™ is an exhilarating game with an abundance of thrilling surprises and rewards that will add excitement to your gaming experience. It offers a wide array of bonuses and unexpected twists that will keep you on the edge of your seat, pumping adrenaline through your veins. One remarkable aspect of Slotomania™ is that it is a completely free slot machine, allowing you to enjoy the game without any financial risks. In this virtual world, both your bets and your winnings are purely fictional, providing a carefree and enjoyable gaming atmosphere.

Without any restrictions, you can multiply your spins on Slotomania™, allowing you to have fun without the worry of potential financial loss and without using your bankroll. Each game slot comes with a description, enabling you to select the most appropriate one based on your preferences and needs. So go ahead and enjoy the excitement without any limitations!

Bonuses on Slotomania™

As an avid player of Slotomania™, I am delighted to share with you the amazing features and benefits of this ultimate online social game. One of the most exciting aspects is the ability to collect free chips every three hours, giving you ample opportunities to spin the reels and win big. Moreover, the game offers a plethora of bonuses that are available on a daily basis. These bonuses include free spins, Wild and Scatter symbols, multipliers, and even a bonus game, all of which enhance your chances of hitting the jackpot. Speaking of jackpots, Slotomania™ also boasts a progressive jackpot that continues to grow until someone is lucky enough to claim it. But the fun doesn't stop there! In this interactive game, you can also engage with your friends and acquaintances by giving them chips and receiving them in return, fostering a sense of camaraderie and friendly competition. With its diverse range of features and the excitement of social gaming, Slotomania™ truly offers an unparalleled experience for all players.

Here is a summary of the rewards offered within the game:

  • 🍀 Sloto CardsEnsure not to miss your opportunity to gather the cards and acquire a multitude of diverse rewards. Slotocards are collectible at any point while playing the game.
  • 🍀 Sloto QuestEngage in diverse missions and acquire rewards that greatly aid you in uncovering the ultimate game's grand prize hidden within the treasure chest.
  • 🍀 SlotoClubImmerse yourself in the world of cutting-edge gaming, unlock special rewards, and seize the opportunity to claim unprecedented jackpots by joining the internet's most opulent club.
  • 🍀 snakes and laddersThis game pops up unpredictably and spontaneously; roll the dice and gather the pouches of coins.
  • 🍀 boostersThe boosters have the ability to enhance your earnings. They can be acquired at no cost or bought depending on the requirements of the players.
  • 🍀 Piggy bankCollect coins in your piggy bank that are available for breaking at any point in your game exploration.
  • 🍀 Bonus LottoIf you receive a bonus for four consecutive times, you will be eligible to take part in the "Bonus Lotto," a lottery that presents numerous prizes up for grabs.
  • 🍀 Gifts from friendsCreate social connections by easily sending and receiving gifts to your friends. Expand your network by meeting new individuals.

As a loyal player of Slotomania™, the popular game developed by Playtika, you have the opportunity to earn valuable rewards. By accumulating Slotomania™ Loyalty points, you unlock access to exclusive games and receive exciting new gifts. The key to earning these rewards lies in your dedication to playing the game - the more you play, the more points you will accumulate. These points will not only enhance your gaming experience but also enable you to advance through the various levels within the coveted VIP program.

The payout rate and volatility of Slotomania™

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Experience the thrill of Slotomania™ on your mobile device

I find Slotomania™ to be a highly accessible game that can be enjoyed effortlessly on mobile devices. Connecting to the game is as simple as using a web browser, such as Google or Internet Explorer, on your mobile phone.

You can also get the mobile application developed by the Slotomania™ crew. It can be obtained for no charge on both iOS and Android platforms.

Slot machines that closely resemble Slotomania™.

If you are a fan of free slot machines like Slotomania™, then you will surely find great enjoyment in the games that I am about to recommend.

  • 🎰 Vegas Words™You'll find over 80 slot machines on this game, including classic slots, 5 reels, video, 3D, and even progressive options, providing you with plenty of choices to enjoy.
  • 🎰 House of Fun™Experience the thrill of choosing from a wide array of 300 free slot machines that cater to your personal preferences. House of Fun™ offers a delightful escape from the chaotic atmosphere of Las Vegas casinos.
  • 🎰 Tycoon Casino Slots™Experience over 30 captivating slot games featuring diverse themes and stunning visuals. Get ready for exciting bonuses, complimentary spins, and ever-growing progressive jackpots.

Our viewpoint regarding the Slotomania™ slot game

Since its creation, Slotomania™ has become a popular free slot machine in the games category of “Social Casino”. The web-based game has garnered immense success, attracting tens of millions of users who have enjoyed playing it at least once. And it's not difficult to see why it has gained such popularity.

Anyway, all conditions are met for you to relax in the best conditions! With stunning graphics and smooth gameplay, Slotomania™ is the perfect choice for casino game enthusiasts who don't want to risk losing real money. The game also offers a special feature where you can challenge your friends and win rewards in multiplayer mode. Download it now and experience the thrill of virtual slot machines and progressive jackpots.

Game details

Kind rolls Win lines progressive Jackpot (tokens) Jackpot (cash) Max Playable Tokens Wild icon
Free Slots Varied Varied Yes Yes No / Yes
Multiplier Scatter icon Additional rounds bet limit Value of bets Tokens per line mini-game Software
Yes Yes Yes / / / Yes Playtika
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