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Having recently released a sequel to the beloved Sunny Scoops™, Thunderkick, the master of innovation, has once again proven its ability to captivate players. With its vibrant and refreshing colors, delightful gameplay, and impressive array of features, Sunny Scoops™ has become a summer favorite here at the editorial office. It's no wonder we feel like hitting the jackpot! This return to the basics was a necessary move for Thunderkick, as they continue to push the boundaries of originality in the world of slot machines. So, if you're looking for a game that can withstand the scorching summer heat, look no further than Sunny Scoops™.

It's truly a shame if you missed out on the opportunity to experience this incredibly refreshing and entertaining game that Thunderkick has created. They are truly masters in the art of crafting slot machines, and this particular one, with its 14 paylines and 3 reels, is no exception. It deserves all the recognition and honors it receives.

Given that the i-Slot lacks Wild and Scatter symbols, one might be inclined to question its entertainment value. However, rest assured that this omission does not diminish the enjoyment we are already experiencing. Yes, we can guarantee it!

His interest

As a true connoisseur, prepare to be tantalized by the delectable allure of the Sunny Scoops™ slot machine. This enticing game boasts an array of enticing features that are sure to enthrall even the most discerning players. The ambiance is truly one-of-a-kind, transporting you to a serene beach setting where the hues of yellow and blue gently meld together in the distant horizon. With a simplistic yet captivating design, the emphasis is placed solely on the gameplay, ensuring an immersive experience like no other.

It is, however, quite enjoyable to not have one's visual experience cluttered with an overabundance of images on the reels, which can at times be even more mesmerizing than the machine itself.

In Sunny Scoops™, the main focus lies in the tantalizing ice balls, which represent the ultimate desire. These ice balls come in an array of delectable flavors, each one more alluring than the next. Whether it be the rich and creamy chocolate, the succulent strawberry, the tangy raspberry, the invigorating coffee, the refreshing orange, the nutty pistachio, or the sweet honey, there is a flavor to cater to every palate. To fully savor the experience, it is essential to exercise patience between each scoop, allowing the ice cream balls to gradually dissolve like freshly fallen snow under the warm rays of the sun.

This might appear insignificant, but it's the kind of meticulousness that players truly value. Broadly speaking, paying attention to even the smallest details can greatly contribute to one's reputation, and Thunderkick is fully aware of this fact.

As soon as you hit the button to start the spins, the ice cream cones begin to move to the right side of the screen in a manner similar to a conveyor belt, unveiling three fresh cones in the process. It becomes evident that the symbols on the cones are, unsurprisingly, the very ice cream balls they hold.

The sound ambiance of the Sunny Scoops™ slot machine is reminiscent of the music from old cartoons from the 1940s, creating a pleasant and nostalgic atmosphere. With its delightful tunes that take you back to the era when Mickey Mouse was still in black and white, this slot machine appeals to a wide range of budgets. As you play, the waves will provide a soothing backdrop, and the occasional sound of seagulls adds to the immersive experience. Whether you're a high roller or a casual player, the Sunny Scoops™ slot machine offers an enjoyable and entertaining gaming experience for everyone.

Its bonuses

Sunny Scoops™ is an online slot machine game developed by Thunderkick, a renowned casino game provider known for its original and innovative creations. This game takes place in a summery setting, with vibrant colors and attractive animations. It may not have the traditional symbols of fruits or numbers, but instead, it uses different flavors of ice cream scoops as symbols. Each scoop of ice cream has its own value, meaning that some combinations yield higher rewards than others. The scoops are presented on three ice cream cones, which spin independently of each other. When you start the game, the ice cream cones begin to spin, and your objective is to align three identical scoops of ice cream on the same cone. Every time you achieve this, you win a prize based on the value of the aligned scoops. The more identical scoops you align, the higher the prize. However, Sunny Scoops™ also offers a special feature called the Bonus Wheel. When you align three special symbols on the same cone, the Bonus Wheel is triggered. This wheel gives you the opportunity to win additional win multipliers or unlock special features. In summary, Sunny Scoops™ is a unique and entertaining online slot machine game that offers a refreshing and enjoyable gaming experience. Even though it doesn't have Wild or Scatter symbols, it still provides many opportunities to win through its special features and delicious ice cream scoops. And remember, don't just take our word for it—try it out for yourself before passing judgment. The bonus mini-game alone is absolutely fantastic. Aligning three vertically stacked balls of the same flavor grants you access to a fortune wheel that determines which flavor will multiply your winnings.

When you reach the Fruity mode in the Sunny Scoops™ slot machine, hold on tight and cross your fingers, because there, you won't be held accountable for anything anymore. The free spins keep on piling up, amassing heaps of delicious ice cream. As you gather your winnings, the multipliers begin to accumulate. Make sure you don't lose your streak and aim for the game's ultimate jackpot.

Game details

Kind rolls Win lines progressive Jackpot (tokens) Jackpot (cash) Max Playable Tokens Wild icon
video slot machine 3 14 No 5 500$ 10 No
Multiplier Scatter icon Additional rounds bet limit Value of bets Tokens per line mini-game Software
Yes No Yes From 0.10 to 100$ From 0.10 to 100$ 1 Yes Thunderkick
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