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Sunday, 28 May 2023

Since its establishment in 1951, Groupe Barrière has been renowned as a distinguished English hotel group, specializing in opulent hotels, upscale dining experiences, and prestigious casino establishments. With a rich history and being a pioneer in the English casino market, as well as a prominent player in Europe, Groupe Barrière recognizes the significance of embracing the digitalization era to further expand its horizons. In order to cater to a younger demographic, the group has unveiled an exciting new venture—a captivating range of mobile gambling games and a renewed emphasis on e-Sports. This strategic move not only allows Groupe Barrière to tap into the potential of the ever-growing mobile gaming industry but also brings a fresh and invigorating transformation to their traditional casino empire, appealing to a new generation of patrons.

Anticipated release in the online marketplace

The Barrière group, a legendary player in the gambling industry, has recently joined the digital market of online gambling. This exciting venture, announced on May 15th, is expected to revolutionize the world of online casino games. Sylvie Joly, the digital and marketing manager for Barrière Group's casino establishments, highlights the changing landscape of entertainment, with various platforms and devices becoming popular choices for gaming. Whether it's playing on a console in the comfort of your living room, using a smartphone while commuting on a bus, or enjoying a tablet on a terrace, the future holds even more exciting prospects. Soon, the world of land-based casinos will also embrace virtual reality, creating immersive experiences for its patrons.

The gaming app named "Barrier Pocket Casino"

Last October, the launch of "Pocket Casino Barrier," a mobile application, marked a significant milestone in this massive undertaking. With its clever fusion of mobile gaming and slot machine rules, the application seeks to appeal to and captivate the millennial generation, enticing them to explore the realm of interconnected casinos. Already, it has established itself as a frontrunner in this endeavor.

Approximately 70% of the younger population are participating in online gambling, while merely 12% are transitioning to physical brick-and-mortar casinos.

Sylvie Joly explains that 12% of the Barrière clientele, which represents nearly 70% of the new generation, prefer to play online gambling rather than visit land-based casinos. The group has implemented a new loyalty tool by introducing the "Pocket Casino Barrier" card, which has been downloaded by 5% of their customers so far. This card allows customers to receive in-game rewards every time they enter a Barrière establishment. Looking ahead, the group plans to release a second mobile blackjack game in June 2017.

The "Barrière eSport Tour": Barrière's venture into the exciting world of e-Sports.

The Barrière eSport Tour is the second aspect of Barrière's development, which aims to embrace the world of e-Sport. Inspired by the successful 2016 Hearthstone Festival, this tour brings together more than 4,000 players. The marketing director of Barrière emphasizes that their involvement goes beyond mere sponsorship or partnership. They aspire to be the driving force behind a grand festival, a true celebration of the community's passion for video gaming. This entails a series of events, demonstrations, and competitions held across various locations in France, rather than a single tournament or championship. It is a festive calendar with significant dates, all dedicated to the vibrant world of e-Sports.

Stay tuned for an up-close experience! Right here, you'll discover the inaugural tour event presented in collaboration with renowned blogger DominGo.

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