The Hi Low: Concentrate on the most straightforward approach to card counting.

Méthode Hi Low

Discover the specifics of this technique without further ado, as there are many methods to increase your chances of beating the dealer in black jack, despite the game relying on chance. Card counting is one technique that you may have already heard of.

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How does the game Hi Low blackjack operate? A concise clarification of its functioning.


Hi Low blackjack is a technique that enables players to mentally count the cards played during the game and make predictions about the remaining cards in the shoe. By calculating the number of cards played, players can determine the value of the cards remaining. This knowledge allows players to strategically place larger bets at the opportune moments, increasing their chances of winning substantial rewards. The Hi Low blackjack method offers a unique approach to the game, providing players with an advantage by utilizing their ability to track and estimate the card values in real-time. With this technique, players can make informed decisions and potentially achieve lucrative outcomes.

The Hi-Low method is one of the various techniques used for counting cards in blackjack. When employing this method, it is necessary to assign a fresh value to each card in the game. Out of the available options, the Hi-Low method stands out as being the simplest to comprehend while still yielding desirable outcomes. To illustrate the functioning of this system, we have compiled a table for your convenience. This table encapsulates the pertinent details, allowing for a clearer understanding of the Hi-Low method.

cards Blackjack Values Values ​​with the Hi-Low method
ace or 1 point -1point
2,3,4,5,6 Ratings +1point
7,8,9 Ratings 0point
10 Ratings -1point
J,Q,K 10 dots -1point

To have a firm grasp on the newly assigned numerical values of the cards, the player may commence their counting with the fundamental principles of Hi Low. The process begins with a count of zero, wherein the player incrementally adds or subtracts a single point in response to the value of each card dealt by the dealer. By engaging in these mental computations, the player establishes a cumulative tally commonly referred to as the "running count," which aids them in determining the appropriate betting amount.

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Here is a guide on utilizing the running countBy adopting the widely known strategy known as the Hi-Low method?

Utilize the tally in motion, as it is exceptionally straightforward. Simply remember the invaluable trio of directives outlined beneath:

  • If the running countThe card shoe's richness captivates the player, urging them to place higher bets.
  • If the running countThe game is considered neutral when the shoe revolves around 0, ensuring that both the players and the dealer have an equal chance without any advantage.
  • If the running countIt is advisable to wager smaller amounts when the shoe cards indicate a low count.

In order to fully benefit from this technique, it is crucial to have a solid understanding of how to mentally calculate the running count. It may appear deceptively simple at first, but it requires focused attention and the ability to not overlook any cards. Missing even a single card can throw off the accuracy of your running count, thereby diminishing the advantages of this method. Therefore, it is essential to dedicate enough time to practice and master the Hi-Low method to perfection.

In order to properly play blackjack in modern casinos, it is no longer enough to solely rely on the running count using the Hi-Low method, as they now incorporate multiple decks of cards during a game. To accurately assess the situation, you must now calculate the true count, which takes into consideration the number of decks that are still in play. This calculation is conducted by dividing the running count by the number of decks remaining. Therefore, the formula for determining the true count is as follows:

The True Count is calculated by dividing the Running Count by the Number of Decks.

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