Jetlucky: the perfect game to watch your winnings soar!

JetLucky le nouveau jeu de crash

JetLucky, the latest release from Gaming Corps, a relatively young gaming studio established in 2014, is here. This thrilling and captivating game, referred to as a "game multiplier," draws inspiration from popular crash games like JetX. Brace yourself for an immersive experience as we delve into the depths of this highly addictive game. Prepare to be amazed as you stand a chance to win a staggering $10,000 in a single go!

300 $+ 20 Free Spins
650 $+ 200 Free Spins
1600 $+ 20 free spins
🤑 Max Earnings 10 000$
✨ Minimum bet 0,10 $
🎰 Max bet 100 $
⚖️RTP 97 %

What is Jetlucky?

jet lucky capture d'écran

JetLucky is a game of chance, designed exclusively for the fearless. It requires either an abundance of luck or nerves forged from steel. The game commences on an aircraft carrier, where you place your bets, and then the real test begins. The choice is yours: will you push forward relentlessly or retreat at the first sign of trouble? How far are you willing to go? What daring moves will you dare to make?

What is the process for playing Jetlucky?

Upon entering the game, you'll find it to be quite straightforward, as there are no complex rules or strategies to navigate. It is highly probable that a game will already be in motion upon your arrival. As you observe the airplane soaring above, two distinct sections will catch your eye, providing you with the opportunity to place your bets. In truth, you have the freedom to select either section and wager on the outcome. Furthermore, you even have the option to place two simultaneous bets on the same side.

Bet as you please, then confirm your wager by selecting "make bet." Should you choose to click on "make bet" immediately after the plane has taken off, your bet will be counted for the subsequent round. The aircraft carrier serves as the starting point for the plane, and as it soars through the sky, you will witness the multiplier steadily increasing. Your objective is to swiftly click on "Take," which can be interpreted as "cash in" in this context, before the plane detonates. On the same square as the "Take" option, you will observe the amount accumulating based on the multiplier, and this sum can be acquired if you select "Take" prior to the plane's explosion. If the plane explodes and you fail to cash out, you will not only lose your bet but also any potential winnings.

jet lucky capture d'écran

Online gambling platforms where players can enjoy the thrilling game of Jetlucky.

Currently, the Jet Lucky game is exclusively available at three online casinos, all of which belong to the Play Logia NV group. These three casinos are:

You will soon come to understand that these three casinos bear a striking resemblance. It is evident that they belong to the same conglomerate, but they present, among other features, distinct welcome bonuses.

  • ♣️ Single CasinoThe sign-up incentive is a full 100% match up to $200, plus you'll also receive 20 complimentary spins. Additional promotions are available, such as cashback rewards and bonus deposits.
  • ♣️ Vegas​MoreThis time, there is an exciting welcome package available: a 100% bonus of up to $250 on the first deposit, and a 50% bonus of up to $300 on the second deposit.
  • ♣️ MyChance CasinoYou can select either a 100% bonus of up to $250 on your initial deposit or a 300% bonus of up to $60. Additionally, you will receive 20 complimentary spins.

What sets Jetlucky apart from other airplane crash games

jet lucky capture d'écran

On JetLucky, the design of the game sets it apart from other crash games, as does the unique tilt of the plane. Unlike its counterparts, this game features a plane that glides horizontally over the sea, soaring above islands and boats before ultimately meeting its explosive fate.

At Jet Lucky, you have the opportunity to play without spending any money, setting it apart from its counterparts that exclusively require real currency.

Experience the thrill of playing Jetlucky for free at a renowned casino.

You can access the game for free by going to one of the mentioned casinos and searching for the game in question. Simply click on "Demo mode" and you'll be able to play JetLucky with play money. We just explained this to you, so you have the option to try out the game without any cost.

Indeed, we always recommend this method to players: playing for free is a great way to get acquainted with the game and its various features. It also provides an opportunity to test out different strategies and determine when it's safest to make gains. Moreover, playing for free allows you to take more risks, which can be quite enjoyable. For instance, you can try waiting for a massive multiplier by allowing the plane to fly for several seconds. It's all part of the fun!

Experience the thrill of playing Jetlucky directly from your mobile device.

As an assistant, it is my pleasure to help you with this task. Here is the revised version of the text: In today's world, an increasing number of casino enthusiasts are opting to play on their mobile devices instead of their computers. In light of this trend, it is only logical that Gaming Corps, the game provider, takes measures to ensure that their game is compatible with mobile browsers. By doing so, they can cater to a larger audience and allow more players to enjoy their game seamlessly.

Easily access Unique Casino, VegasPlus or MaChance Casino on your mobile browser (such as Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox) and enjoy playing JetLucky just as you would on a computer.

Master the art of winning on Jetlucky with these 3 invaluable tips.

jet lucky capture d'écran

Remember, this is a game of chance where luck is the only factor that counts, so even though you can try some strategies to maximize your winnings, it's important to keep in mind that there are no guarantees of more gains. Regrettably, the various strategies available do not provide any assurance in that regard.

  • 🍀 The martingaleThe martingale strategy involves doubling losing bets and halving winning bets in an effort to enhance the likelihood of breaking even. However, it also intensifies the risk of experiencing significant and swift losses.
  • 🍀 Make 2 betsTo maximize your chances, consider placing two bets on the same game. For the first bet, go for a smaller wager but with a higher multiplier (in automatic mode). As for the second bet, opt for a larger wager but with a lower automatic multiplier.
  • 🍀 Play for freeAs detailed in the article below, engaging in demo mode can enhance your understanding of diverse betting options and multipliers, ensuring that you are thoroughly equipped for real-money play.

Jetlucky: Pros and cons of the game

✔️ Benefits ❌ Disadvantages
A customer loyalty rate of 97% The aesthetic of the design appears to be quite antiquated.
Demo mode can be accessed. Limited opportunity for placing wagers.
The potential to place dual wagers /
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