When Keno turns a life around: The top 3 jaw-dropping jackpots claimed

Thursday, July 5, 2023
les plus gros gagnants du jackpot au keno

In the world of gambling, Keno has become an integral part of the culture since its inception in 1993. It has the power to transform ordinary individuals into millionaires, simply by selecting a few numbers and getting lucky. This week, allow me to share with you the incredible tales of the three most prominent Keno winners, who have achieved unimaginable wealth through this popular game.

#3 - An unexpected twist for this Australian individual

famille plage

In England, there was an extraordinary story about a fortunate lottery player. It is already a big surprise to win millions, but winning millions when you think you have only won a few thousand can be quite a shock! This unusual tale happened to a lucky lottery player in England. The winner, who happened to be from an Australian rugby club, believed he had won a decent amount of $10,000. Filled with excitement, the man hurried to claim his prize, eagerly anticipating his presumed $10,000... only to discover that he had actually won a staggering 2.8 million Australian dollars!

#2 - The sanctity of the family is undeniable!


Living in Las Vegas, Eddie, a nurse, was undeniably blessed with good fortune thanks to his family. Employing the ages of his wife and children as inspiration, he carefully selected the numbers for his Keno ticket, resulting in a remarkable stroke of luck. His bank account was swiftly credited with a staggering sum of 6.4 million dollars. However, this windfall brought unexpected consequences as Eddie found himself thrust into the limelight of the media. In order to safeguard his loved ones, he was compelled to assume a false identity. It is our sincerest hope that Eddie and his family now enjoy a blissful existence, free from the prying eyes of the public.

#1 - Hooray! An English speaker has made it to the top of our list!

homme riche

In 2009, a miraculous event took place in Lyon that left everyone surprised. The title of the biggest jackpot winner at Keno was claimed by an English family. What made their victory even more extraordinary was the fact that they had been using the same set of numbers for three whole years, and those numbers were none other than their birth dates. Initially, the family had won a million euros, which was already a stroke of luck, but fate had something more in store for them. Thanks to a multiplier bonus, their winnings were multiplied by ten, resulting in a staggering amount. The chances of winning such a prize were incredibly slim, with odds of 1 in 215 million. It is truly a remarkable feat, and heartfelt congratulations go out to this fortunate family.

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