Enlabs faces allegations of failing to adhere to the recently enacted legislation on bonuses.

Friday, November 12, 2023
casino Enlabs

In 2023, the Lithuanian Gaming Commission implemented a law preventing operators from providing bonuses to their players. One of UAB Baltic Group's subsidiaries, Enlabs, has disregarded this regulation by offering a bonus on one of its products.

The UAB Baltic Bet receives a warning from the Gambling Supervisory Authority regarding their gambling activities.

Seventy-six percent of the participants expressed the opinion that the quantity of advertisements should be diminished, while fifty-two percent argued for a complete ban on them.

This law prohibits operators from providing any form of bonuses to their customers. Enlabs violated this law by running a promotion on Optibet Blackjack.

Fortunately for the company, the Gambling Supervisory Authority did not impose any sanctions on UAB Baltic Bet. In fact, the authority stated that due to reasons of fairness and rationality, no penalties would be imposed as their actions did not cause any material harm to the interests protected by the law. However, the authority cautioned that if any further violations were committed within a year, appropriate sanctions would be applied.

In 2023, Baltic Bet Group faced consequences for disregarding the gambling regulations within the country, resulting in a fine of $12,450. The operator's misconduct stemmed from providing inaccurate odds and failing to rectify the erroneous bets.

casino en ligne Enlabs

The fresh legislation regarding bonuses and advancements ????

In May, the new amendment prohibiting all forms of promotion was approved by the parliament. As of July 1st, operators holding a license in Lithuania are no longer permitted to provide players with special events, trial games, promotions, discounts, or gifts.

Online and land-based casinos are both subject to this new law, which aims to improve the management of gambling-related issues and decrease the prevalence of gambling addiction.

A survey among adults was carried out by the Lithuanian Gaming Commission, with 1,001 individuals participating in the study.

  • ♦ ???? A majority, 76% of the participants, expressed the opinion that the quantity of advertisements should be decreased.
  • ♦ A majority of 52% expressed support for the prohibition of it.
  • ♦ ???? 22% of respondents expressed their belief that advertisements promoting lotteries should be prohibited.
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