Streaming of casino games is prohibited on the Twitch platform.

Friday, October 7, 2023
casino en ligne twitch

From October 18, Twitch, the popular streaming platform, is set to introduce a new policy prohibiting users from live streaming any content associated with casino games such as roulette, dice games, and slot machines. This move specifically targets markets that lack proper authorization in the United States or possess weak consumer protection policies.

Twitch primarily focuses on specific online platforms.

I am yet to see the official list of websites that Twitch plans to ban, but there is some information available on the initial targets. Twitch has already disclosed the names of the first online casinos that will be affected, namely,, and These particular online gaming platforms attract a significant number of viewers on Twitch, and their content primarily revolves around slot machines and roulette games. It remains to be seen which other websites will be included in the ban.

I'm not surprised by this development, considering that Twitch has already been hosting numerous live streams featuring gaming content from these regions. Twitch has also mentioned that it might identify additional websites in the future, indicating that the list of banned platforms is expected to expand. However, the website will still permit platforms that specifically cater to certain genres of gaming content, such as sports betting and poker.

“Twitch has released an initial lineup of specifically chosen websites, such as,, and”

What is the reason for prohibiting gambling activities on the Twitch platform?

For years, Twitch has been grappling with a pressing issue that has caused them constant concern. It all began on September 17, when ItsSliker took to Twitter and made a shocking revelation. In his tweet, he openly confessed to deceiving numerous individuals, amassing over $300,000 in the process, all to support his uncontrollable gambling habit. This disclosure set off a storm of fury and indignation among the masses.

I have witnessed Twitch's swift response to the issue at hand, resulting in a decisive action of banning unauthorized or consumer-unfriendly gambling sites that offer dice games, roulette, and slot machines. Notable online casinos such as Duelbits, Rollbits, Rootets, and Stakes, the latter of which has been known to sponsor various streamers like Adin Ross and Trainwreck, have been included in this ban.

twitch casino

What are the reasons for the controversy surrounding gambling streaming in the United States?

In general, sponsored streams of gambling are seen as unethical due to two main reasons. Firstly, they promote a potentially harmful pastime among adults, and secondly, they create a risk of exposing children to such content on the platform.

Gambling addiction is a grave issue, with repercussions that extend beyond mere monetary losses. The National Center for Responsible Gaming (NCRG) reports that approximately 1% of adults and 6-9% of young adults in the United States grapple with this affliction in varying degrees. This pervasive problem is frequently intertwined with an underlying mental illness, compounding the complexity of the situation.

People's opposition to sponsored gambling streams on Twitch can be attributed to several reasons, which are easy to comprehend when considering the facts. However, there is another argument that also holds weight in this debate. Critics contend that these streams present an unrealistic portrayal of gaming, as they depict a world where every player is a wealthy streamer or a sponsor willing to pay for such privileges. It becomes clear that, along with the ethical concerns, this aspect also contributes to the discontent surrounding the issue.

I've been keeping an eye on this matter for quite some time now. Twitch, the streaming platform, has been closely observing the situation for years. However, it has never fully committed to taking a definitive action. But as the pressure continues to build up, Twitch has been left with no choice but to respond. As a first step, the platform has decided to impose a ban on the games in question.

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