Voluntarily refraining from playing: the digital platform provided by the ANJ for gaming purposes.

Friday, January 22, 2023
Interdiction volontaire de jeux

Now in charge of the voluntary self-exclusion file for gambling and its management is the National Gambling Authority (ANJ) since December 30, 2020, taking over from the Ministry of the Interior. With the aim of streamlining procedures and minimizing delays, the proposal for an online registration service has become particularly important, especially for the online casino sector.

What does the term "Voluntary Gaming Ban" mean?

The issue of gambling addiction in France is becoming increasingly evident, with approximately 370,000 individuals classified as excessive gamblers. This troubling figure has been steadily on the rise for the past five years, highlighting the urgent need for intervention. In response, a voluntary gambling ban initiative has been established to address this pervasive problem.

This file, when accessed, serves as a safeguard for players or mentors assisting individuals facing challenges in the realm of gaming, shielding them from potential hazards. By registering for this file, one will effectively be barred from entering the establishments listed below.

  • ♦ Brick-and-mortar and virtual casinos or gaming venues.
  • ♦ If the ANJ grants approval, online platforms for sports betting, horse racing, and poker wagering will be permitted.
  • ♦ Online or land-based, engage in FDJ or PMU games.

This restriction will remain in effect for a minimum duration of three years. Currently, there are 38,500 individuals registered on this banned list, accounting for approximately 10.4% of those afflicted by addiction.

The motives behind an internet-based process.

"France is home to around 370,000 individuals caught in the grip of excessive gambling."

In the past, one had to physically visit a police station to have a face-to-face meeting with a local representative from the Central Service for Horse Racing and Gambling (SCCJ) in order to complete the registration process. This entire procedure could last as long as one and a half months. However, with the introduction of this online method, that hassle has been eliminated.

Psychological factors also contribute to this phenomenon, as there are various stages involved in seeking assistance for addiction, most notably acceptance. Hence, confronting real individuals at a police station in person can amplify feelings of guilt.

The purpose of putting this registration online is to make it simpler and less psychologically burdensome for individuals seeking to address their gambling addiction, as the heavy and time-consuming procedures involved in dealing with such issues can often be discouraging. This way, people will be able to access the help they need more easily and without feeling overwhelmed by complicated processes.

Interdiction volontaire de jeux

The registration procedure

As witnessed, the registration procedure for the internet-based self-exclusion service is undergoing simplification. In fact, the stages are significantly less complex and will result in substantial time savings.

  • Firstly, the player needs to submit a formal request through the ANJ's official website.
  • ♦ Starting from that point, the ANJ will reach out to the player via phone to authenticate their identity.
  • ♦ Validation of registration occurs after successful verification and confirmation of identity through correspondence.

After careful consideration, we have made a significant improvement to the registration process. By implementing this device, we have successfully reduced the registration deadline from a month and a half ago to just 2 weeks. Additionally, we have established a ban period of 3 years for participants who violate our terms and conditions. However, there is a glimmer of hope for those affected by this ban. Once the ban period expires, players can submit a formal request to have the ban lifted. This request will undergo a thorough verification process, and upon its successful confirmation, the player will once again be granted access to gambling establishments.

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