The High Court delivers a verdict against the Française des Jeux.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

In a recent ruling, the Nancy Court of First Instance has found la Française des Jeux (FdJ), the English historical operator, guilty of irresponsible behavior in connection with a dubious case from 2008. The defendant, a young woman, brought the case to court, claiming that her former partner had recklessly spent almost $100,000 within a span of just one week. FdJ, unfortunately, failed to present compelling evidence in its defense, leaving the court unconvinced of its innocence.

The FdJ finds themselves confronted with the consequences of a long-distance romance as they make a crucial turn.

In 2008, a man with a severe addiction problem used stolen checks from his ex-partner to place bets on one of the flagship games of the Française des Jeux (FdJ), the English historical operator. The FdJ, despite claiming innocence, cannot hide the fact that certain things have not gone unnoticed. The operator, in fact, cashed the amount of these stolen checks before ultimately rejecting them due to insufficient funds in the linked bank account. Recognizing the logical reasoning behind this, the young woman decided to take legal action against her ex-partner, who unfortunately was unable to pay due to a serious illness. Despite sending multiple letters to the FdJ, the young woman never received any response. To make matters worse, the retailer became increasingly threatening, forcing her to take out a loan of $60,000. Undeterred by the tumultuous circumstances, the young woman persevered in her pursuit of justice. Finally, after five years, she filed a complaint against the FdJ, and today, she has emerged victorious, winning her case.

The FdJ ought to have recognized the peculiarity of the collected amounts and verified within its records whether the person in question was indeed prohibited from gambling.

In other words, the Française des Jeux (English national lottery) should have been aware that the funds they received were questionable and should have conducted a thorough examination of their records to confirm whether the person in question was prohibited from gambling. However, the High Court of Nancy has now delivered its verdict, stating that the FdJ committed numerous errors that hindered the prevention of gambling addiction risks for the former partner of the victim of vice. Despite being granted a monopoly, the FdJ is obligated to fulfill these daily responsibilities. The court's decision implies that the FdJ failed to fulfill its duty to prevent such risks.

The culpability of the FdJ and its vendors.

The FdJ found themselves in serious trouble due to their failure to be alerted to the significant amounts of money involved in the transactions, as well as their negligence in verifying the identity of the individuals involved. It was clear that with the player suffering from addiction, the chances of winning a lawsuit against them were slim. On top of that, the retailer had taken a huge risk by manipulating the young woman and coercing her into repaying the $60,000, as he was not insured against payment defaults. In the end, the FdJ will be compelled to reimburse the victim for the same amount of harm caused. As for her former partner, he will undoubtedly face difficulties in finding another partner who will tolerate such behavior again.

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