Germany, grappling with uncertainty regarding its gambling laws.

Friday, March 19, 2023
législation allemagne jeux d'argent

Despite the efforts of European legislation to curb protectionism among member states, the German government appears resolutely committed to safeguarding its domestic gambling establishments.

Consequently, starting from 2008, Germans have faced severe restrictions on their ability to gamble, including limited access to online casinos and a complete blockade on accessing games offered by foreign operators.

A treaty that requires a substantial amount of time to establish.

To be in better alignment with European laws, Germany intends to implement an agreement that seeks to establish a permit for overseas betting enterprises.

According to German lawyer Joerg Hofmann, the creation of this regulation, which is set for July 1, 2023, appears to be taking longer than expected. In fact, it may even be subject to a delay of up to 18 months.

At the European Gaming Q1 Meetup, a conference dedicated to digital games, the significance of this legislation was highlighted in response to demands for legal actions from players seeking compensation for their losses from specific operators.

"[…] Germany is seeking to implement a treaty that would create a permit system for international gambling companies."

Future measures

If the treaty is approved by a sufficient number of German states:

  • ♦ Games such as roulette and blackjack played on a table might be prohibited ;
  • Placing wagers on slot machines may potentially involve some level of risk and uncertainty. limited to 1 $ ;
  • ♦ Imposition of a limit on deposits could be considered. 1000$ per month ;
  • ♦ utilizing the term " casino "could be prohibited.

The Hesse-based Darmstadt Council has approved 22 licenses for sports betting and is currently conducting an inquiry into the credibility of the operators to determine their eligibility for the licenses.

I have to mention that advertising and mentioning the bonuses offered to players might be prohibited, which could lead to some restrictions. Additionally, businesses engaged in betting on mixed martial arts or virtual sports may face some limitations as well. It is also worth noting that these businesses would be subject to taxation, with rates of up to 8% of their turnover for some categories and up to 5.3% for online poker.

Loi allemagne jeux d'argent

The lack of efficacy exhibited by obstacles.

The State Ministry of Finance should clarify the licensing system for online games launched in 2019, as per the German Sports Betting Association (German Sport Betting Association), in order to avoid reinforcing the black market.

I've also discovered that the Swiss attempted to block certain sites as a tactic, but it turned out to be ineffective. Interestingly, out of the 300 sites that were supposed to be blocked, only 53 of them were successfully blocked for players.

Just like desktop, blocking seems to have less impact on mobile devices, yet a significant number of gamers are now opting to play on their smartphones.

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