The beliefs held by gamblers who play at online casinos.

Friday, 25 February 2023
superstitions casino

In the realm of casinos, one encounters a plethora of superstitious beliefs. When it comes to games of chance, luck takes center stage, thus making superstitions significant for seasoned gamblers. Ascertaining their veracity is a task left to experimentation. In the meantime, let us present to you an assortment of the most prominent superstitions that influence one's fortune at the casino.

Superstitions hold a significant place among experienced gamblers as luck is closely associated with games of chance.

The beliefs that would attract good fortune

Here are numerous instances of superstitions that, according to avid players in the casino, are believed to bring about fortune in an attempt to secure the jackpot. These superstitions have been extensively studied and are widely employed by players.

  • ♦ πŸ€ Play your lucky numbersIf you have a variety of favored numbers, don't hesitate to bet on them consistently. Embrace your preference and go for it!
  • ♦ πŸ€ Surround yourself with lucky objectsIn the game of poker, it is common to see players who rely on their lucky item, such as a hat, glasses, or a card protector, which they believe brings them good fortune and has contributed to their past victories.
  • ♦ πŸ€ Blow on the diceBlowing on the dice before rolling for a game of craps is believed to bring good fortune to the player.
  • ♦ πŸ€ Play on Sunday at Slot machines On Sunday mornings, it is common to come across players who are fond of playing slots. They believe that casinos tend to have higher payouts on this particular day due to superstition.
  • ♦ πŸ€ Tap a glass or an ashtray at baccaratIn baccarat, it is common for players to gently tap their pen, glass, or ashtray as a customary practice.
superstitions casino

Superstitions believed to attract negative fortune

In light of various folklore, we strongly discourage engaging in these activities to ensure your good fortune remains intact while visiting the casino:

  • ♦ πŸ›‘ Unlucky numbersIn many societies, the numbers 13 and 4 hold a reputation for being the most ill-fated. For instance, the game of craps strictly prohibits any reference to the number 7.
  • ♦ πŸ›‘ Play at a new tableSwitching tables mid-game in blackjack or poker is highly frowned upon and believed to attract negative fortune for certain individuals.
  • ♦ πŸ›‘ Lend money to another playerSteer clear of loaning money to your acquaintances seated at the gaming table as it may jeopardize your wagers.
  • ♦ πŸ›‘ Crossed LegsCrossing one's legs during a casino game is not considered a favorable sign, unlike the widely believed good luck charm of crossed fingers.
  • ♦ πŸ›‘ Itchy handsCasino players are aware that having itchy hands can be seen as a negative sign. However, in places like Serbia, it is believed to be the complete opposite!

So, are you going to allow others to sway your decisions? ????

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