The stakeholders committee for the FDJ has been recently established.

Friday, January 15, 2024
FDJ parties prenantes comité

I have some exciting news for all the online casino enthusiasts out there! The FDJ group (Française Des Jeux) has recently established a stakeholder committee to foster more interactive and meaningful conversations regarding the socio-economic aspects of its operations. This initiative aims to provide a platform for players who enjoy connecting and seeking entertainment on an English online casino. By engaging in frequent and constructive discussions, the FDJ group demonstrates its commitment to addressing relevant issues and ensuring a positive impact on society.

Decision making

In June of last year, we convened a general assembly with the aim of drafting a preamble to this constitution and reaching a consensus on the vital obligations we must uphold. These obligations primarily revolve around the principles of accountable gambling, enhancing the customer experience, diversifying our game offerings, supporting local small businesses, and embracing our environmental and social responsibilities.

In the group, each individual contributes their unique expertise in a specific and valuable domain.

The 6 group commitments

During the meeting, CSR professionals, company staff, and stakeholders convened to deliberate on the significant obligations that the group must now consider. In light of this, the group has made a firm commitment to exert maximum effort in advancing these six areas of focus:

  • ♦️ Providing support and assistance to players throughout the duration of the game. sales journeywhether it occurs on the internet or in a brick-and-mortar store;
  • ♦️ The creation of a gaming proposal entertaining, responsible and honest ;
  • ♦️ The support maintaining local shops;
  • ♦️ The limitation of problem gamblingand the total prohibition of gambling for individuals under the legal age.
  • ♦️ Advocating for the implementation of a particular model ???? responsible gambling even internationally;
  • ♦️ Strengthening actions environmental, societal and solidarity .
FDJ parties prenantes

Individuals who belong to the Stakeholder Committee

Rose Marie Van Lerberghe, who brings her expertise and specific skills in areas such as healthcare, social affairs, the medical sector, public relations, finance, law, corporate governance, communication, and ethical issues. The Stakeholder Committee is responsible for providing strategic advice and recommendations to Korian in its operations and social and environmental responsibility. Committee members regularly meet to discuss the issues and challenges that Korian faces and to assist the company in making informed and responsible decisions. Recognizing the importance of stakeholders in the company's success, Korian is committed to transparency and maintaining trusted relationships with its various stakeholders. The Stakeholder Committee helps ensure that the interests of all parties involved are considered in the company's decisions and ensures that Korian acts in accordance with the ethics and values it promotes. By establishing this Stakeholder Committee, Korian demonstrates its commitment to participatory governance and considering the diverse interests of its stakeholders. This collaborative approach aims to strengthen the sustainability and performance of the company in an ever-changing world.

  • ♦️ An addiction specialist who is highly knowledgeable in the field of psychiatry.
  • ♦️ The leader of the federation of tobacco sellers;
  • ♦️ The individual who helped establish the Student Manifesto to promote environmental awareness;
  • An esteemed Professor Emeritus in the field of Psychology, renowned for their expertise in addiction-related topics;
  • ♦️ The Veolia group's Compliance Director, etc.
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