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Friday, 28 2023
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Everything seems to be moving forward with the legislation in Ontario. It appears that a new article published on Wednesday, May 19, is discussing the possibility of every registered online casino in Canada being allowed to operate in the majority of Canadian provinces as well.

Ontario's Plans: A Crucial Subject

The released publication deals with a pressing political concern that is influencing Ontario's decision to permit private operators in a regulated gambling system.

Canada remains a highly vulnerable market for unregulated platforms and prohibited activities. The vast expanse of the internet is saturated with countless online casinos and sports betting sites that operate beyond the purview of government oversight, evading taxation and regulations.

In order to transition clients in Ontario to the legal market, the province has mandated that all applicants must discontinue their illicit activities and instead operate within the online platform. The objective is to facilitate the migration of eligible individuals in Ontario to gambling sites that are regulated and authorized by the CAJO. However, a question arises as to whether these sites will also be required to cease their operations within Canada.

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Operators must adhere to all relevant legislation.

"Bookies and citizens of Canada must ensure that their involvement in Ontario's regulated market aligns with the Criminal Code of Canada."

In fact, the question of how registration in Ontario will impact online gaming operators is a hot topic of discussion between the CAJO and industry stakeholders. Many are curious to know whether obtaining a license in Ontario will have implications for their operations in other provinces across Canada.

When it comes to the expectations surrounding the CAJO, they make it clear that licensed operators must adhere to all relevant laws. In essence, bookmakers and Canadians alike will need to ensure that their actions within the regulated Ontario market also align with the requirements set forth in the Penal Code of Canada, especially when operating in provinces where there is currently no regulation in place.

I would like to inform you that the excerpt has been rewritten as per your request. Here is the new version: "It appears that this declaration intends to provide reassurance to all the sites, as the new law and the AGCO will not have the authority to compel operators to halt their operations in other provinces."

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