Certification bodies

Four certification bodies are being presented in this detailed article to help readers understand the role they play in the online gambling industry. These organizations, similar to the food labels we are all familiar with, are dedicated to serving consumers. They ensure that the games, software, and services provided by online casinos are tested and audited for fairness and quality. Just like food labels provide information about the origin and manufacturing standards of a product, these certification bodies guarantee the purchase of quality products in the virtual gaming world. In light of past scandals, where horse meat was found in beef lasagnas from a well-known frozen food brand, consumers now pay great attention to these labels. By choosing to play at an online casino certified by one of these organizations, players can have peace of mind knowing that the games in the library are fair. These technical laboratories act as watchdogs, ensuring the perfect fairness of the games available to players. So, just like the food labels, these certification bodies play a crucial role in maintaining trust and transparency in the online gaming industry.

Technical Systems Testing

TST, also known as Technical Systems Testing, holds a significant reputation in the industry, having been in existence since 1993. Not only does this organization specialize in e-gaming, but it also extends its services to land-based casinos, offering auditing services to ensure compliance. In addition to testing games and software, as well as evaluating casino surveillance systems, TST provides consulting services. It is worth mentioning that TST became part of the Gaming Laboratories International group in 2010, which is another prominent player in the e-gaming industry. To gain a comprehensive understanding of TST's diverse range of services, you can visit the following link: https://ShoutMixCasinos.com/label-technical-systems-testing.html.

Gaming Laboratories International

The Gaming Laboratories International (GLI) offers a wide range of services. They provide audits for online gaming operators and software providers to ensure the fairness of their games. GLI is highly respected for their meticulous and comprehensive testing methods, which make it challenging to obtain their certification. For more information about GLI, you can visit their website by clicking on the following link: here.

iTech Labs

iTech Labs is internationally recognized and collaborates with reputable online casinos, providing rigorous audits and expert advice to ensure a fair gaming experience. Specializing in innovative software and computer systems development, iTech Labs is renowned for its ability to deliver cutting-edge technological solutions to global businesses. Working with clients from various sectors such as finance, healthcare, transportation, and more, the company's team of experts, including developers, engineers, and IT specialists, collaborates to design and implement customized solutions that meet each client's specific needs. With their technical expertise and commitment to innovation, iTech Labs is able to deliver high-quality products and services that contribute to the growth and success of their clients. For over twelve years, they have been involved in e-gaming and have established partnerships with numerous industry leaders. Casino operators interested in obtaining the prestigious iTech Labs quality label must prepare a comprehensive dossier, after which the organization conducts a series of tests to determine if the virtual gaming establishment possesses the necessary skills to qualify for the label.

Certified Fair Gambling

Certified Fair Gambling, founded in 2003 by renowned e-gaming expert Dr. Eliot Jacobson, boasts extensive experience in the industry. Its primary role is to conduct audits on games developed by publishers and thoroughly test the game library of casino operators, guaranteeing players fair and top-notch gaming experiences. The organization meticulously assesses various elements, granting quality labels to software providers and virtual casino operators that meet the required standards. For a comprehensive understanding of the criteria for obtaining these labels, please click here.

Crucial information to be aware of

Discover, in detail, the various stakeholders who play a crucial role in the e-gaming industry. Familiarize yourself with these key players as a player, and gain valuable insights into their significance. Below, you will find a collection of articles that shed light on each of them.

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