Despite the risks involved, certain parents choose to introduce their children to the world of gambling.

Friday, January 29, 2024
parents enfant addiction jeux d'argent

Looking back at a practice that is still a matter of controversy, it is not uncommon for English parents to offer their children gambling games, even though they are well aware of the legal age to gamble in casinos. Whether it comes in the form of scratch tickets or lottery tickets, these are considered unique gifts that allow children to indulge in dreams for a brief period.

Important figures to be aware of

This study, conducted by the National Gambling Authority (ANJ), provides us with a comprehensive overview of the fascinating statistics surrounding parents who engage in gambling activities. Focusing specifically on parents with children between the ages of 10 and 17, we are presented with valuable insights that allow us to form informed conclusions about these practices.

  • ♦ 93% of parents think gambling is dangerous for their children;
  • ♦ Seventy percent of parents who engage in scratch card games bought some for their children ;
  • ♦ 38% of parents suggested the children playPlaying the lottery or engaging in similar games of chance
  • ♦ 9% of parents let their children playor offer guidance on betting strategies.

Parents often express concern about the potential dangers of allowing their children to play lottery games. However, despite these reservations, a considerable number of parents still purchase these games for their children. This behavior suggests that there may be a lack of complete understanding regarding the true risks associated with gambling.

addiction enfant jeux d'argent

The potential dangers associated with underage gambling

A vast majority of parents, totaling 93%, express concerns regarding the potential dangers of gambling when it comes to their children.

In this article, I would like to highlight the dangers that young minds face when it comes to getting involved in gambling. With the rise of the internet, new technologies, video games, as well as enticing advertisements and tempting offers, more and more individuals are being exposed to the world of gambling. It is important to acknowledge the potential risks and consequences that can arise from such exposure.

Keep an eye out for these indicators:

  • He sets aside his academic pursuits and educational instruction;
  • ♦ Cash might vanish from a few purses;
  • ♦ He borrows money;
  • ♦ He grows quiet, despondent, and may entertain thoughts of ending his own life.

Boys, according to various studies, are frequently identified as the predominant group of young individuals affected by problem gambling. Typically, they gain access to gambling activities via their mobile devices and make use of either their parents' or a friend's personal information to sign up on unauthorized platforms specifically designed for underage individuals.

As a responsible caregiver, it is of utmost significance to intervene at the initial indications of this phenomenon, as an adolescent engaging in recreational activities between the ages of 10 and 17 would subsequently be highly susceptible to developing addictive tendencies.

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