Eliminate misfortune: 3 crucial objects

Friday, 2 July 2024
trèfle pièces sel sauge malchance chance

In the realm of beliefs, superstitions, and cultural amulets, humans exhibit remarkable ingenuity. It has come to light recently that this is particularly evident in the realm of gambling, where eccentricity knows no bounds. Without any logical explanation, I present to you a compilation of the most unconventional items believed to avert misfortune:

No, salt is not solely used in culinary pursuits...


Salt, known throughout Western culture as a widely practiced tradition, holds the reputation of warding off ill fortune and protecting against the malicious gaze. It is common knowledge that various beliefs surround the usage of salt.

Undoubtedly, one of the most renowned beliefs is the notion that if you toss a small amount of salt over your left shoulder, it will bring good fortune by protecting you from the evil eye. Conversely, throwing salt on the right side is believed to attract an even greater amount of misfortune.

♣ Looking to unwind and banish negative energy? Why not consider indulging in a rejuvenating saltwater soak? This ancient practice is believed to purify the body from ill fortune.

♣ According to a recent belief, placing a small amount of salt in each corner of every room, as well as on every windowsill, is believed to counteract any negative energy or bad luck.

What is your personal talisman, if I may ask?

trèfle clés fer à cheval

The fortunate talismans to accompany you everywhere are undeniably the most renowned method for protecting against misfortune, and likely the most inconspicuous method as well...

The four-leaf clover, no doubt, is a widely acknowledged symbol of good luck around the world. Its origin can be traced back to the myths and legends of the Celtic culture. In Celtic mythology, each of the four leaves of the clover is believed to represent a specific attribute: prosperity, well-being, renown, and affection.

The combination of three keys, particularly when they are adorned with charms, holds a certain allure that is believed to bring about positive outcomes. Each key symbolizes the unlocking of three doors that lead to various aspects of a fortunate life: prosperity, well-being, and affection.

To ward off the evil eye, it is believed that hanging an iron object on a wall or door of one's dwelling can be helpful. However, it is important to make sure that the two points of the iron are facing upwards, as this is said to prevent good luck from "escaping".

Is it better to have sage in a sauce or should it be burned?


Seemingly, kitchen ingredients are employed to lure positive fortune beyond our perception! Consequently, sage could also serve as a miraculous component to eliminate misfortune.

Remember to obtain a sufficient quantity of dried sage in advance and ignite it. However, exercise caution, as it is crucial for the sage to produce smoke like incense, rather than burning.

I will start by carrying the smoke bouquet throughout my entire house, making sure that the smoke permeates every nook and cranny. Once I have completed this task, I will then proceed to open all the doors and windows, allowing the negative energy to freely escape.

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