The initial investor of a political nature in the United States happens to be a prominent figure in the casino industry.

Friday, July 31, 2023
Sheldon Adelson magnat du casino politique

Sheldon Adelson, the billionaire behind the largest brick-and-mortar casino on the planet, the Las Vegas Sands, boasts a staggering wealth of more than $30 billion. As a gambling magnate, he not only commands vast resources but also leverages his fortune to foster strong connections with politicians, particularly those affiliated with the Republican party. Undeniably, Adelson's influence in the political landscape is exemplified by his status as the foremost private political donor in the United States, having invested a whopping $308 million since 1990.

An investment with profitable returns

Sheldon Adelson Donald Trump

Since 1990, Sheldon Adelson and his wife Miriam have consistently provided significant financial support to the Republican Party, making them the party's most influential contributors. Over the span of three decades, their contributions have totaled an impressive $308 million, which demonstrates their unwavering commitment to funding Republican candidates and political movements. Their immense generosity has earned them great respect among Republicans, and they even enjoy a favorable relationship with President Donald Trump.

If the numbers mentioned may come as a surprise, it is without doubt that Sheldon Adelson finds them intriguing. Firstly, the magnate of the gambling industry holds an enormous wealth courtesy of his successful venture, Las Vegas Sands, thereby enabling him to finance such an endeavor. Moreover, his foray into the realm of politics grants him a unique opportunity to cultivate close ties with statesmen and exert his influence when the need arises.

A replicated instance to serve as an illustration.

Due to a legislation passed in 2010, there are currently no restrictions on the quantity of political contributions in the United States.

As a helpful assistant, I'll provide you with a new excerpt that maintains the same length and main theme. Here it is: The campaign of the outgoing president has received considerable financial support from various casino moguls involved in politics. Phil Ruffin, a close friend of President Trump and the owner of Circus Circus and TI casinos, has generously donated $755,200 to support his campaign. Additionally, the Fertitta brothers, who own Station Casino, have contributed over $1.45 million towards the president's campaign. It is evident that these influential figures in the casino industry are actively investing in political endeavors.

In the United States, the unrestricted nature of political donations, a result of a law passed in 2010, has led to an increase in spending by influential figures like Sheldon Adelson, who made his fortune in the casino industry. Typically, these contributions are channeled through Political Action Committees (PACs), privately operated entities that aim to either support or impede a particular candidate. Every year, it is believed that hundreds of millions of dollars are funneled into these PACs across the country, thereby granting donors the ability to exert influence over specific legislations at a later stage.

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