"Spelberoendes riksförbund" association

The goal of Spelberoendes riksförbund, a non-partisan and non-religious association, is to prevent and treat gambling addiction among individuals who are addicted to gambling. To achieve this objective, the association focuses on the following initiatives:

  1. Spreading awareness regarding the origins, impacts, signs, therapy, and available support for individuals struggling with gambling dependency.
  2. Providing information and assistance to individuals who engage in gambling activities, their loved ones, and offering educational resources to those interested in the subject matter.
  3. Establishing practical circumstances for board members and consultants to collaborate on self-improvement endeavors.
  4. Critically examining the promotion of different gambling formats and furnishing decision-makers with valuable insights to safeguard children and youth from adverse social repercussions linked to gambling.
  5. Engaging in the monitoring and initiation of research and treatment pertaining to gambling addiction, and subsequently spreading awareness about it.

My goal is to help individuals who are struggling with gambling addiction and raise awareness about the factors, treatment, and outcomes of this disorder. I actively engage in partnerships with government entities and medical professionals to create effective treatment plans. I prioritize educating the general public and arranging events to decrease stigma and enhance accessibility to support. My primary focus is ensuring the rights and welfare of those impacted by gambling addiction and preventing societal problems related to gambling, especially among young people. Furthermore, I collaborate closely with other like-minded organizations to strengthen the impact of our efforts and address this issue with greater efficiency.

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