Time2play assists in the reinstatement of streamers who have been banned from the Twitch platform.

Friday, September 10, 2024
twitch casino

Certain individuals anticipated it, while others were caught off guard. In a long-awaited decision, the Twitch platform has ultimately opted to prohibit streamers from promoting sponsorship links and codes for online casinos starting on August 17, 2024.

What is the reason behind such a prohibition?

"Streamers are warmly invited by Time2play to share referral links and codes exclusively with adult gamers."

Time2play President Tim Tepass expressed his understanding and acceptance of Twitch's recent restriction, deeming it as "inevitable and comprehensible."

It is common for platforms like Twitch to appeal to underage individuals, and due to the fact that minors are not allowed to engage in online casino gaming, it is understandable that this type of content would be forbidden.

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What is Time2play?

Chairman of Kafe Rocks Group, Simon Pilkington, expressed his view on the content game streamers create, emphasizing the evident demand for it. He acknowledged the substantial audiences that often reach thousands of viewers for the most sought-after channels. Pilkington's objective is to assist in presenting this content within an appropriate context and to the intended audience.

Time2play aims to ensure complete transparency with players by disclosing how streamers on the platform receive funding. In order to maintain a high standard of behavior, streamers will be required to follow a code of conduct established by Time2play. Any content that is found to be in violation of this code will be promptly reported.

streamer twitch

English Twitch streamers facing bans on the platform.

If Twitch users choose not to comply with the platform's new prohibition, it is certain that they will be subject to banning.

From my observations, it appears that Twitch has gained a reputation for swiftly and easily banning its streamers without providing any satisfactory explanations, leading to great frustration among those affected. However, in a recent development announced in early August, the platform has decided to offer a minimum level of explanation to banned streamers, which includes providing the date of the violation, the specific content that led to the ban, and the rule that was broken. While the explanations may still be relatively concise, they do offer a slightly improved level of clarity compared to previous practices.

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