Unusual Superstitions Exhibited by Casino Gamblers

Thursday, August 9, 2023
4 superstitions les plus étranges des joueurs de casino

In this article, we will unveil the four most spine-chilling superstitions that afflict players in land-based casinos. It is fascinating to note how these beliefs vary across different cultures, where what bestows good fortune in one place may bring about misfortune in another. By exposing these superstitions, our aim is to equip you with the knowledge necessary to steer clear of any potential diplomatic incidents while gambling.

1. Don't accept $50 bills

billet banque 50 barré

Why would one turn down money, you ask? It's a question that often perplexes novice players. The reason, however, is rather straightforward. It stems from a deep sense of distrust and the belief that accepting a generous donation could raise suspicions. This particular superstition has its roots in tangible experiences and historical origins, making it difficult for some to ignore.

In the past, the reputation of the casino industry was tarnished by rumors of mafia control and the laundering of illicit funds. However, times have changed significantly, and the world of gambling has become much more secure. Despite this transformation, traces of superstition continue to persist.

Back in the days when gambling establishments were under the control of criminal syndicates, it was a common practice for mobsters to discreetly place a $50 banknote inside the pocket of their intended target. Nowadays, such perilous situations are highly improbable, yet due to lingering superstitions, it is advisable to decline any offer of a $50 bill. Alas, historical records remain silent on the matter of whether it is acceptable to receive a $50 banknote…

2. Refrain from extending monetary loans to fellow players.

By extending your financial support, you are exposed to the chance that the recipient will strike it big for themselves.

Even if you possess an excess of funds for gambling purposes and wish to assist a companion or unfamiliar individual, refrain from extending monetary loans.

I never see players lending money to each other in a brick-and-mortar casino. It's not about being stingy, but rather the belief that doing so would invite bad luck upon the lender most of the time.

Just think about it - when we lend our money to someone, we're taking a risk. Instead of us hitting the jackpot, it's possible that the recipient of our generosity might hit it big. It's ironic, isn't it? What could be seen as an act of kindness actually has the potential to push luck further from our grasp. I'm just saying, it's something to consider.

3. Refrain from whistling while participating in a match.

Whistling inside a land-based casino while waiting for the ball to stop on your number in roulette is just as frowned upon as it is in Russia, where it is believed that whistling inside a house prevents money from entering. Among players, it is customary to believe that whistling is similar to summoning bad luck.

4. Avoid tallying your chips or calculating your monetary winnings.

It's a common belief shared by countless gamblers: never tally up your cash or chips while engaged in a game, whether it be poker, slot machines, or any other form of gambling. The reasoning behind this superstition remains a mystery, but it's better to err on the side of caution...

When it comes to gaming in a traditional casino, there are certain things you need to keep in mind in order to make a positive impact. Naturally, there are also various superstitions and beliefs that influence the behavior of certain players. While some of these beliefs may seem logical, others may appear irrational. However, it is not our place to judge any of them.

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