At last, the English edition of "Ocean's Eleven" has successfully captured all thirteen bandits!

Friday, January 19, 2024
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Does the number 13 bring good fortune? Maybe not for the 13 scammers who recently got caught after months of roaming around casinos. The casinos had been noticing unusual outcomes on specific electronic roulette machines for quite some time. These crafty individuals, in a way, managed to defy the trust placed in technology. Ultimately, it was the Casino Barrière d'Enghien-les-Bains that played a pivotal role in apprehending this group of criminals. Let's delve into the captivating tale that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on the realm of English gambling.

The procedure remains unchanged each time.

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In approximately 2013, English gambling establishments initiated the introduction of electronic table games to cater to their players. As part of this transition, they opted to substitute a number of their human dealers with automated machines, particularly in the context of electronic English roulette games.

It turns out that casinos were mistaken in thinking that they were completely safe from any fraudulent activities involving these games. Little did they know that a group of thirteen individuals from Île de France, with malicious intentions, had collaborated with a Novomatic technician who disclosed to them a method of exploiting a security vulnerability in these games.

Entering a casino, a group of clever individuals discovered a secret lever under the electronic roulette tables that allowed them to halt the game, a privilege typically reserved for machine maintenance agents. With this newfound knowledge, they devised a plan to cancel impending losses by activating the lever. Seated together, they would press the restart button, causing the machine to reset and their respective bets to be returned to them.

"According to investigators, the estimated total amount embezzled in over 15 casinos exceeds $700,000."

As per the investigators' estimate, it is believed that they have unlawfully misappropriated a sum exceeding $700,000 across over 15 different casinos.

arrestation triche casino police

Criminals caught in the act with incriminating evidence.

In May of last year, the Casino of Enghien-les-Bains uncovered an irregularity by scrutinizing the outcomes of electronic roulette machines.

I instantly lodged a formal complaint and thoroughly examined the video footage, which was subsequently forwarded to the authorities for investigation. Within those recordings, an unidentified person was observed manipulating the aforementioned lever, concealing their hand beneath a bag.

After the investigation was launched, the management took the initiative to notify neighboring casinos of this irregularity, cautioning them about the deceitful tactics employed by this gang of thirteen swindlers. In response, the other establishments remained vigilant, with approximately fifteen of them subsequently partnering with Casino Barrière upon discovering an atypical payout ratio.

I highly doubt that the scammers will have a favorable outcome in this case as it moves forward. It is quite probable that they will be required to provide a substantial amount of money as compensation to the casinos, and additionally, they may even be subjected to a severe prison term as a deterrent to others.

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