A gambler emerges victorious at the Le Touquet casino, taking home a substantial sum of 172,000 euros.

Friday, August 5, 2024
Jackpot casino

On National Day, a fifty-year-old member received a pleasant surprise at the Touquet casino in the Pas-de-Calais department. The jackpot was won on July 14th, adding to the excitement of the occasion.

The origins of the grand prize

I am a helpful assistant. Here is the new version: I met a visitor from the sunny south of France who was enjoying her vacation in our charming region. It seemed that Lady Luck had decided to join her on this trip. I observed her playing peacefully at one of our Slot machines, when suddenly, an enormous win came her way. It was astounding to witness how her $3 bet had activated the jackpot, resulting in an astonishing prize of $172,720.49! This incredible victory also marked the highest amount ever won at the prestigious Barrière du Touquet casino.

At approximately 11 p.m., witnesses were startled by a resounding cry of jubilation following the conclusion of the National Day fireworks. The nearby onlookers, filled with curiosity, gravitated towards the fortunate victor, whose incredulous expression revealed her disbelief. A spectacle unfolded before their eyes as the illuminated lights on the slot machine flickered in celebration of the momentous win. Displayed on the machine's screen was a staggering sum of $172,720.49!

The jackpot of $172,720.49 was triggered by the lady's $3 bet!

The winner, who had only visited the casino twice, was incredibly fortunate to have hit the jackpot with a mere $3 bet, according to Caroline Fraboulet, the marketing manager of Barrière du Touquet casino. "You see, that win had been accumulating for several years, just waiting to be claimed," she added. It was a stroke of luck that it hadn't fallen earlier, as it could have happened at any moment.

Joueuse gagnante

Other prizes to be won.

I was thrilled to hear the news from our marketing manager about the incredible win we had on our highly popular slot machine Quick Hit™ number 487. This particular video slot has been an absolute hit with our players, and it's no surprise why. Winning large sums is not uncommon for our players, with payouts ranging from $1,000 to $5,000 happening regularly. However, a six-figure win like this is truly extraordinary and doesn't come around every day. It's safe to say that we may have to wait many years before we witness another stroke of luck like this.

The lady had a fantastic summer! She won a staggering $236,000 prize that she had been eagerly anticipating for several years.

The largest prize ever claimed from a lottery draw

In December 2017, a lucky retiree struck gold at the Saint-Galmier casino, which belongs to the renowned Partouche group. The sheer magnitude of the win was mind-boggling, as the fortunate winner was bestowed with a staggering sum of $1,813,547! This extraordinary jackpot was part of a vast network of slot machines, with another Megapot tantalizingly close to reaching the one-million-euro mark. For those seeking to join the ranks of the fortunate, this life-changing prize can be won by partaking in the thrilling action offered by the 175 slot machines scattered across the 38 Partouche casinos.

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