Uncovering illicit methods of rigging electronic roulette games at the Wien casino.

Friday, 24 2024
Tricherie roulette électronique casino Wien

On Tuesday, February 7, three individuals were apprehended at the Vienna casino under suspicion of engaging in fraudulent activities during a game of roulette. It all began when a vigilant passerby on Kärntner Strasse, who happened to be an employee at the casino, noticed peculiar behavior exhibited by one of the individuals in front of an electronic roulette machine. Intrigued by this suspicious conduct, the astute observer decided to delve deeper into the matter. His curiosity led him to review the surveillance footage, which ultimately revealed the clandestine maneuvers employed by the suspect. With this newfound knowledge in hand, the conscientious employee promptly alerted the authorities, enabling them to take immediate action by apprehending the offender.

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Three con artists manipulated a roulette machine at the Vienna casino.

The individuals possessed a concealed contraption within their outer garments, enabling them to manipulate the outcomes of the lottery.

In downtown Vienna, at the Kärntner Strasse casino, there is an electronic roulette table on the ground floor. The players gather around this particular table, which is safeguarded by a dome. Instead of interacting with a dealer like on traditional roulette tables, the players place their bets using their own personal screens. To ensure the games run smoothly, a casino staff member keeps an eye on both the game and the players via surveillance cameras. It is through this vigilant monitoring that they were able to identify certain players who displayed remarkably frequent winning streaks, raising suspicions.

Casino Wien

I started examining the CCTV footage with the intention of gaining a clearer understanding of the situation. It was during this process that I noticed the cunning tactics employed by the suspects to manipulate the outcome of the draws in their favor. Their well-planned strategy involved concealing a device within their jackets, which allowed them to tamper with the results. As soon as I made this realization, I promptly contacted the police, urging them to take immediate action and apprehend the individuals involved.

A 47-year-old man, along with two of his partners in crime, has been apprehended by law enforcement.

The casino authorities have not yet disclosed the total sum of money that the alleged scammer and his two partners are accused of pilfering after they successfully tampered with the hybrid electronic and mechanical roulette machine, as confirmed by the police. It was revealed during the course of the investigations that the mastermind was not acting alone and had enlisted the help of at least two accomplices to execute their illicit scheme. The precise magnitude of the financial loss incurred by the casino remains undetermined at this point in time.

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