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To bet like a professional and increase your chances of winning money in roulette games, it is crucial to familiarize yourself with the intricacies of the roulette table. Whether you're playing online roulette or in a land-based casino, the advantage of the roulette table remains the same. Therefore, it's essential to gather the necessary information and understand the concepts that will enable you to make strategic bets. Mastering these concepts is key to navigating the roulette table like an expert player.

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What exactly is the purpose of a casino playmat?

découvrir les jeux de roulette

In general, when playing card games and table games, it is customary to use a carpet, usually green in color. However, the roulette carpet found in a casino, whether it be a physical establishment or an online platform, possesses its own unique qualities. It is distinctly different from the carpets used for games like blackjack, poker, or bridge.

Before starting, it is crucial to master the mat as one of the essential accessories. By doing so, you significantly enhance your chances of achieving victory in the game. But what exactly is the purpose of the mat when playing roulette?

The carpet plays a crucial role during a round, serving both as a platform to place bets and as a means to communicate with the croupier. When playing on an electronic roulette, the carpet is conveniently displayed on your screen. Furthermore, it is through the carpet that the dealer will distribute your winnings in the form of tokens.

Often, players tend to focus solely on mastering the conventional all-in wagers. These wagers typically revolve around colors, namely red and black, or involve selecting either even or odd numbers. Alternatively, players may opt to bet on low numbers (ranging from 1 to 18) or high numbers (ranging from 19 to 36). These three types of bets are commonly referred to as simple chances.

Throughout this article, you will notice that carpets can vary depending on the patterns, and as a result, the orientation of the carpet can differ. Therefore, it is advisable to spend some time familiarizing yourself with the various positions.

Grasping the Roulette Mat and the Fundamentals of the Game

Now is the time, or never, to consider this question: if one desires to win substantial profits by playing roulette, it is imperative to have a thorough understanding of the roulette carpet, which entails not only familiarizing oneself with the various possible bets but also mastering the rules of the game. Whether one is a seasoned player or a novice, it is crucial to be reminded of the underlying logic behind these bets. Therefore, if you have yet to acquire the knowledge of how to play roulette, it is of utmost importance that you do so.

Put down a wager on the interior

I wouldn't be surprised if you're already familiar with the concept of interior bets in roulette. You see, interior bets are different from exterior bets because they are placed inside the casino roulette table, specifically on the numbers.

Setting The meaning The potential gains
full number The player places a wager on a particular box. 35 : 1
transverse The player places their bet on three numbers aligned in a single row. 11 : 1
Double transverse (Sixain) The player places their bet on two rows of the table, selecting a total of six numbers. 5 : 1
Edge The player places their bet where four numbers intersect. 17 : 1
Basket For American roulette, players have the option to place bets on the initial three numbers. 11 : 1
On horseback The player places their wager on two numbers that are separated by a vertical line. 8 : 1
top five The player places a wager on the intersection of the initial three numbers. 6 : 1

Certain variants of roulette have specific inside bets that you may have noticed. According to the logic of inside bets, the chances of winning can be extremely satisfying.

Take a wager on an external outcome.

The outside bets consist of five options that encircle the inside bets on the spinning wheel and the layout, and it is crucial not to mistake them for the inside bets. These bets are straightforward to comprehend, as they are prominently situated on the cylinder. Their defining characteristic is that they encompass the inside bets, making them easily discernible.

Setting The meaning The potential gains
Column The player places his wager on a single column out of the three available options, each containing a set of 12 numbers. 2 : 1
Dozen The player places their wager on one of three sets of twelve numbers, either 1 to 12, 13 to 24, or 25 to 36. 2 : 1
The colour The gambler places their wager on either the color red or black. 1 : 1
Even or odd The player places a wager on whether the number will be odd or even. 1 : 1
miss or pass The player places a wager on a number that is not present (ranging from 1 to 18) or opts for a pass (between 19 and 36). 1 : 1

From my observation, it is evident that outside bets possess the advantage of being more memorable, although their potential winnings are comparatively smaller due to the reduced level of risk involved. For some gamblers, this might be deemed unfavorable news, while others might view it as an advantageous tactic, given the significantly increased likelihood of securing a victory.

The roulette mats vary depending on the different game variations.

Let me explain if you are familiar with roulette and tables in general, you would be aware that there are various versions. Consequently, the layout may differ, depending on the specific variant. Allow me to provide further clarification.

➡️ The English roulette :

The English layout, with its zero positioned on the left and the numbers displayed in the upper part, mirrors the familiar carpet found in brick-and-mortar casinos. With a house advantage of merely 1.35%, English roulette presents the player with an opportunity for advantageous outcomes, boasting the lowest rate among all its variants.

➡️ The American Roulette :

One thing that stands out in this version is the absence of dozens on the mat, as well as the presence of two squares labeled '0' on the left side. This arrangement differs from the standard layout. It's worth noting that the inclusion of the double zero box in this version makes the bets less advantageous for players, as it gives the house a 5.26% edge. The mat itself consists of 3 rows and 12 columns.

➡️ The English Roulette :

The English version of roulette has a house edge of 2.7%, making it slightly more advantageous for players. Unlike its American counterpart, the carpet layout is quite similar, with the only notable distinction being the presence of a single zero. Interestingly, the box is positioned in the exact same location as it is on the English roulette wheel.

Before starting to play with real money, it is essential to familiarize oneself with the layout of each "roulette casino table." It is crucial not to view these data as mere accessories but rather as valuable information that can help reduce long-term losses. Choosing the most rewarding variant can be a clever strategy to employ.

astuce roulette

The responsibility of the dealer while placing your wagers


The croupier, much like the stack, plays a vital role in the world of roulette games. As the facilitator of the game, they hold the responsibility of guiding and controlling the pace of the gameplay. Additionally, through their various announcements, they provide valuable insights to the players, indicating the opportune moments for placing bets and informing them of when betting will no longer be permitted.

The croupier's duty includes announcing the winning number, which is typically done in the following manner:

"28, black, even, pass"

Once the announcement is made, the dealer will distribute chips to the winners (in case of playing in Live mode), thereby guiding and facilitating the players' experience by accommodating the most commonly placed bets.

Our expert advice for placing optimal bets on the roulette table.

In our view, there are various suggestions that can be implemented to attain expertise in carpet handling.

➡️ Setting a budget:

When it comes to managing your bankroll in roulette, our recommendation is to diligently heed the advice of Andrez Martinez. By doing so, you can effectively reduce your losses and rein in any urges to make extravagant bets.

In my opinion, players should follow Martinez's advice and allocate their budget into 35 smaller budgets based on the various betting options in roulette. This way, you can assign a specific amount to each of your upcoming bets and maintain a sense of control over your gambling experience.

➡️ The martingale strategy:

As a helpful assistant, I'm here to provide you with a unique and human-like version of the given excerpt: When it comes to winning at roulette, one strategy some players employ is to double their bet in hopes of recovering their losses and making a profit. However, it's important to note that this method is highly risky, as it assumes that losses will always be followed by gains and that the player has an unlimited amount of money to continue betting. Rather than focusing solely on doubling the bet, it is wise to consider other strategies that take into account the odds and probabilities of the game. By adopting a more strategic approach, players can increase their chances of success while minimizing the potential risks involved.

Understand the advantage held by the house:

When it comes to trying out any casino game, it is of utmost importance to familiarize oneself with the casino's edge in that particular game and its impact on potential winnings. In the context of this article, we focus on roulette, where the performance of the roulette wheel can differ significantly across various casinos. The success of your betting strategies will rely heavily on understanding the advantages that different casinos offer and the various variants available for you to test your luck.

Interested in expanding your knowledge on the intricacies of roulette?™ has curated an exclusive guide to ensure you never miss out on any valuable insights for mastering online roulette.

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