The diverse prizes and wagers available in the game of roulette.

Roulette, a game that holds great popularity and admiration, is beloved by many. The potential for varying winnings lies in the types of bets made during gameplay. Consider this article a valuable resource, carefully crafted by our knowledgeable experts, to ensure you possess all the requisite information for your upcoming gaming endeavors.

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The various wagers available in roulette

Playing roulette online offers players the chance to place a variety of bets, each with its own level of risk. Some bets carry more risk than others, while some offer nearly a 50% chance of winning. Placing chips on multiple bets simultaneously can further enhance your chances of winning. Below is a comprehensive list of the available bets:


Placing a bet on a solitary number in the game of roulette is commonly referred to as a straight-up bet. To illustrate, if one were to solely wager on the number 26, their bet would fall under the straight-up category. The success of this bet rests solely on the whimsical nature of luck, as the player hopes for the ball to come to a halt precisely on their chosen number.


If the number you wager on appears in the horizontal row (consisting of 3 numbers) along the outer edge, your winnings will be equal to 11 times the amount you bet.


I love the thrill of placing bets in the casino. One of my favorite strategies is to bet on two adjacent numbers, doubling the excitement. If luck is on my side, I can win a whopping 17 times my initial bet! However, there are other intriguing options as well. For instance, I can place my bet on half a dozen numbers. This involves placing my chips at the intersection of two dozens, effectively betting on 24 numbers. The payoff may not be as high this time, as I can only win half of my bet, but the odds make it an enticing choice nonetheless.


The wager is placed on 2 adjacent rows (containing 6 numbers) situated along the outer edge.


The wager is placed on a set of four numbers simultaneously, requiring the player to position their token at the precise intersection point.

Simple odds

In simple chance bets, your likelihood of winning a prize is nearly 50%. These bets include options like red or black, even or odd, and low (numbers 1 to 18) or high (19 to 36). However, it's important to note that your chances are not exactly 50% due to the presence of the zero slot.


The wager is placed on a specific area: 12P (the initial 12 numbers), 12 M (12 numbers in the middle), 12 D (the final 12 numbers).


You can place a wager on a vertical column consisting of 12 numbers. You have the option to choose from 3 different columns to place your bet on.

Roulette bet payout table


Implementing different strategies can help increase your chances of generating winnings at roulette, despite the unpredictability of where the ball will land in the pockets. It's true that predicting the outcome can be challenging, but with the right approach, you can improve your odds of success.

When you register at an online casino, you are usually rewarded with a welcome bonus once you make your initial deposit. These bonuses, which can take the form of free spins or additional funds for playing, undoubtedly provide the greatest advantage to players in online casinos. Unlike land-based casinos, online casinos offer these enticing bonuses that give players more money to bet with, potentially increasing their chances of making a profit.

Moreover, it is crucial to consider the payout structure to determine the likelihood of successfully wagering your bet.

💸 Betting 💲 Payment 📊 Probability (US version) 📊 Probability (European version)
full number 35 to 1 2,63 % 2,70 %
transverse 11 to 1 7,89 % 8,11 %
Horse 17 to 1 5,26 % 5,40 %
Sixain 5 to 1 15,79 % 16,20 %
Edge 8 to 1 10,53 % 10,81 %
Red Black 1 on 1 46,37 % 48,64 %
Even odd 1 on 1 46,37 % 48,64 %
Miss/Pass 1 on 1 46,37 % 48,64 %
Dozen 2 against 1 31,58 % 32,43 %
Column 5 to 1 15,79 % 16,20 %

I have observed a distinction in the likelihoods of the American and English variations. The rationale behind this lies in the presence of an additional double zero compartment in the American roulette. Consequently, the advantage of the casino rises to 5.26% as opposed to the 2.7% in the English version.

The betting limits specified in the tables for both the lowest and highest wagers

les mises minimales et maximales

In order to restrict the application of roulette tactics such as martingales, casinos have implemented certain restrictions on their roulette games. These limitations primarily revolve around setting minimum and maximum betting limits, which are usually determined based on the size of the table. As a general rule, the smaller the table, the more restricted the betting options become.

As a player, it is crucial to have complete knowledge of the betting amount before commencing a game. This vital information can be easily accessed in the comprehensive roulette guide. For those who communicate in English, it is noteworthy that the minimum bet for roulette usually begins at approximately 2 dollars.

Online casinos have imposed strict limitations on the implementation of betting strategies, such as the martingale strategy and others, by setting lower maximum bets on English Roulette tables compared to English wheels. These measures aim to reduce the effectiveness of such strategies and ensure a fair and balanced gameplay experience.

As a helpful assistant, it is my pleasure to provide you with a revised version of the given excerpt. Please find the new version below: Having knowledge of the martingale system, I have come to understand that its essence lies in the concept of doubling one's roulette bet after every loss. It is important to note that this particular strategy can only be employed in situations where there are no limits on the stakes involved.

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