DublinBet welcomes the arrival of the renowned board game Monopoly.

Wednesday, 1 May 2024

Undoubtedly, the most famous board game in the world is Monopoly. Created in the 1930s, this game has managed to captivate generations with its various versions designed to appeal to a broad audience. An exciting announcement for casino enthusiasts is that Monopoly is now accessible on DunlinBet, courtesy of the collaboration between Evolution Gaming and Hasbro. In this article, we will provide you with all the fascinating details about this remarkable partnership.

Introducing Evolution Gaming's exciting new gaming experience.

The Swedish company has showcased unparalleled innovation and has cemented its position as the foremost provider of live casino games for numerous years.

Evolution Gaming, the Swedish group known for their unparalleled creativity, has firmly established themselves as the frontrunner in live casino games over the course of several years. It comes as no surprise then that their collaboration with Hasbro, the owner of Monopoly, serves as a natural progression in the gaming publisher's commitment to prioritizing technological advancements. While Monopoly hardly requires an introduction, the same cannot be said for Evolution Gaming, a company that has continuously pushed boundaries and set new standards in the industry. This partnership demonstrates the unwavering dedication of both parties to delivering innovative and immersive gaming experiences.

Arriving in front of the Monopoly live game for the first time, I am greeted by a wheel reminiscent of the Dreamcatcher wheel, which is another popular game from the same publisher. However, this game is not just a simple recycling of the old concept. In fact, it incorporates cutting-edge augmented reality technology and introduces exciting new features.

The game's progression is quite straightforward. The mustached man in a black suit, famously known as the Monopoly icon, is the host who spins the wheel. His entrance into the game occurs when a player lands on a chance space or a bonus space, both of which will be discussed in more detail later. However, it is the bonus space that holds a coveted prize for every player. It grants access to a captivating cinematic experience that immerses us in a meticulously crafted 3D representation of a giant Monopoly board inspired by the enchanting city of New York. This beautifully designed board encompasses all the iconic elements of the renowned board game, including streets, stations, houses, hotels, and even a jail. As the dice are rolled, players are transported to specific streets that correspond to a certain multiplier. Once the allotted number of dice rolls is exhausted, players return to the host and the wheel, signaling the start of a new game.

The live version of Monopoly comes with its own set of rules and objectives.

The wheel of Monopoly Live is composed of 54 individual segments. When activated, the facilitator gives the wheel a spin, causing it to come to rest on one of the colored sections, each of which corresponds to a specific number representing a ratio. Let me present to you the various sections you can find on the wheel:

♣ There are 23 sections in gray color, each labeled with the number 1, which will reward you with a payout equal to your stake.

♣ There are 15 sections colored in green with the number 2, which will reward you with a payout of 2 times your initial bet.

You will find seven delightful pink sections adorned with the numeral five, generously granting a payout five times greater than your initial wager.

There are four green areas containing the numeral 10, which result in a payout that is ten times the amount of your wager.

♣ Three sections consist of two rolls that will activate the bonus round when two dice rolls are achieved.

♣ Section 1, consisting of 4 rolls, activates the bonus round where players get 4 opportunities to roll the dice.

♣ Two fortuitous areas that yield a serendipitous reward or amplification for the subsequent rotation.

The entire essence of the game is centered around gaining access to the Monopoly bonus board, where the multipliers are exceptionally large, resulting in substantial winnings for the player who is fortunate enough to land there. To fully experience the exhilaration of reaching this highly rewarding board, it is highly recommended to place bets on both the 2 rolls and 4 rolls sections during every spin of the wheel. When we examine the mathematical probabilities, we find that you have just over a 1 in 13 chance of accessing the bonus board (54/4), which is an incredibly favorable ratio.

Experience the ultimate gaming adventure with Monopoly Live at Dublinbet, the ideal online casino destination.

With regards to the live casino section, it is worth mentioning that DublinBet online casino has positioned itself as a leading model. Therefore, it is only natural that they offer the Monopoly live game from Evolution Gaming. It would have been a glaring omission on their part had they not included this new game in their repertoire. Rest assured, locating this popular game will not pose any challenges as it is conveniently accessible directly from the homepage of the website.

DublinBet has a major advantage - the online casino provides a variety of live casino games to relax and unwind after playing Monopoly Live. Additionally, players can enjoy Monopoly Live at any time, day or night. For newcomers, the casino offers an attractive bonus of $100 to experience the exciting Evolution Gaming feature.

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