Evolution's acquisition of Big Time Gaming: uncovering all the details!

Friday, 28 January 2024
Evolution et BTG

In 2024, Evolution is set to expand its empire with the addition of a new member - Big Time Gaming, the renowned slot machine creator. This acquisition marks a significant milestone for Evolution as it further solidifies its position as a leader in the industry. With this strategic move, Evolution aims to enhance its portfolio and provide even more exciting gaming experiences to its players. The integration of Big Time Gaming's expertise and innovative approach is expected to bring about remarkable advancements in the world of slot machines. As the date approaches, anticipation builds for the dawn of a new era in Evolution's journey.

A highly advantageous acquisition.

On June 30th, 2024, Evolution successfully acquired BTG, solidifying its position as a market leader. This strategic purchase will greatly enhance the prospects of the Swedish company.

President of Evolution Group, Jens Von Bahr, expressed his excitement about the addition of BTG to their slot portfolio, as it would further solidify their position as the global leader in online casino games. He emphasized that Big Time's commitment to innovation and their ability to create one-of-a-kind gaming experiences perfectly aligned with Evolution's culture and mindset. Jens Von Bahr eagerly anticipates the continuation of their journey together, eagerly looking forward to the future collaboration between the two companies.

Evolution Groupe made a payment of 220 million euros in order to obtain full access to BTG's technology. The immediate payment required 80% of this amount. Additionally, there are future payments of another 230 million euros, which will be made in 2024 and 2024. In terms of payment structure, Evolution has chosen to pay 70% of the total amount in cash, while the remaining 30% will be fulfilled through corporate actions.

As an AI assistant, I'm here to help you! Please find the revised version of the text below: I anticipate that the conclusive results from this purchase will be visible as early as April 2022, according to the Evolution group. On one side, there will be an increase in earnings per share, while on the other, their collection of groundbreaking games will continue to evolve.

Evolution et BTG

???? What sets Big Time Gaming apart from other gaming companies?

Our players can look forward to a bright and exciting future, as stated by Nik Robinson, CEO of BTG, who describes the partnership with Evolution as a "perfect match." Both companies share a common drive for innovation, making this collaboration even more promising. With Evolution and Big Time Gaming joining forces, the possibilities for fun and engaging experiences are endless.

Among the most well-known names in the realm of online casinos is the Australian game developer with a knack for creating innovative slot machines. Renowned for their captivating themes and visually stunning graphics, this developer has truly set themselves apart from the competition. One of their standout features is the incorporation of the "Megaways" mechanism, which adds an extra layer of excitement to gameplay. By increasing the number of paylines by an impressive 5, players now have the chance to win up to 100,000 instead of the standard 10. This unique twist has garnered much attention and admiration, making this developer a popular choice among players. Additionally, they have also incorporated various bonus rounds and special symbols to enhance the overall gaming experience. With their commitment to delivering high payouts and an array of engaging features, it's no wonder that this developer has become a force to be reckoned with in the industry. So, if you're on the lookout for top-notch titles that are sure to thrill, look no further than this game developer.

Adding BTG to our collection of slot games will enhance our competitive stance.

  • ♦ 🕹️ Bonanza™
  • ♦ 🕹️ Vegas Dreams™
  • ♦ 🕹️ Times of Fortune™

🏢 Evolution the group

The Evolution collective comprises numerous brands, which contribute to its outstanding recognition in the industry.

  • ♦ ⭐ EvolutionThe operator receives access to live games and game shows from the service provider.
  • ♦ ⭐ NetEntRenowned for providing top-notch gaming solutions of exceptional quality since the year 2016.
  • ♦ ⭐ red tigerFurthermore, apart from providing top-notch games to internet-based casinos, the subsidiary has also crafted an interactive tool to enhance user involvement.
  • ♦ ⭐ EzugiIt also provides live games, specializing in the Latin American and South African markets.
  • ♦ ⭐ Big Time Gamingthe most recent acquisition so far.
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