The Turbo Games adventure game entitled "Save the Princess casino" has garnered varied opinions.

In this magazine, our experts thoroughly examine the latest release from Turbo Games: Save the Princess™. This new mini-game has taken the online casino world by storm, capturing the attention of players everywhere. With its unique and innovative features, as well as a nostalgic retro design, it stands out among the plethora of mini-games available. Suppliers in the industry are constantly striving to bring something fresh and exciting to the table, and Turbo Games has certainly achieved that with Save the Princess™. Join us as we delve into the details and explore what makes this game a must-try for casino enthusiasts.

Experience the thrill of rescuing the princess by playing Save the Princess at the finest online casinos.
300 $+ 20 Free Spins
650 $+ 200 Free Spins
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📅Release date

August 2022



🤑Min bet

0,10 $

💸Max bet

100 $

❌Max Multiplier





95 %

Enjoy the opportunity to play Save the Princess at absolutely no cost.

Good to know that the game Save the Princess ™ offers a demo version, allowing players to play for free with play money. By clicking on the "Demo" button on the game page at Casinozer, you can explore all the game mechanics, practice your skills, and refine your strategies. Although you won't be able to win real money in the demo version, it serves as a valuable exercise before venturing into real money gameplay. Take advantage of this opportunity to familiarize yourself with the game before playing for real.

Rescue Princess Casino: A Nintendo-Inspired Journey Game.

In the gaming world, Turbo Games has recently unveiled their newest release, Save the Princess™, which has already caught the attention of players worldwide. What sets this mini-game apart from others like JetX™, Plinko™, or Dice™ is its nostalgic homage to Nintendo's beloved Mario Bros game. As you embark on your adventure, you will assume the role of a valiant knight on a mission to rescue the princess, offering a delightful twist on the classic damsel-in-distress narrative (this time, not Peach ????). Along the treacherous path, formidable adversaries await, including dragons, vampires, goblins, and even death itself. Worry not, for you will be equipped with an arsenal of protective tools, such as garlic cloves, blazing arrows, a fire extinguisher, and sturdy armor, to safeguard against these perils. Naturally, throughout your noble crusade, exciting rewards and prizes await those who exhibit skill and determination.

Learn the strategies to play the captivating Save the Princess casino game.

The retro game in this pixelated setting will surely evoke memories of your finest sessions on your NES consoles (for those fortunate enough to have owned one!). With four difficulty levels, this casino mini-game provides the opportunity to select defensive gear, ensuring your survival until the ultimate mission while maximizing your earnings. Although the gameplay itself is uncomplicated, familiarizing yourself with the game rules below will undoubtedly simplify your objective. ⬇️

The starting bet

I like to kick off the adventure by placing my initial bet. It's exciting to have the freedom to bet anywhere from 0.10 cents to a maximum of $100. This wide range allows players with various budgets to join in the fun. To select my desired bet, I simply click on the "+" and "-" buttons on the control panel situated on the left side of the game interface.

The varying levels of challenge

When playing the game, you have the freedom to select the level of difficulty that suits you best. The options available include Easy, Medium, Hard, and Extreme. The difficulty level you choose determines the number of combat tools at your disposal for self-defense. Opting for the most challenging level means foregoing any weapons, resulting in a highly arduous gameplay where fending off enemy attacks becomes an uphill battle. On the contrary, the rewards are greater in this level. Conversely, the easy level offers a less daunting experience with ample means of protection.

The different phases of the competition

Once you have completed the initial three steps, namely:

  • 👉 Indicate your bet ;
  • 👉 Choose your difficulty levels ;
  • Begin the game by pressing the azure button. "start game" .

Rest assured, as soon as you begin, you will be thrust into the heart of the game's thrilling gameplay experience. Your immediate task will be to confront a series of doors, behind one of which lies your path forward. These doors, however, are not just innocent passageways; they are also potential avenues for enemies to launch their assaults. With your well-honed defensive skills, you must protect yourself from these adversaries' relentless attacks. The journey ahead consists of traversing seven challenging levels before you can finally rescue the princess. But fret not, for the game has been designed to reward you at various intervals, offering you incentives to stay motivated and engaged throughout each stage of your heroic quest. Your triumphs will not only be celebrated when you ultimately save the princess, but also along the way as you conquer each new obstacle.

Claim your earnings whenever you choose using the Cash Out feature.

After finishing a stage, you will receive rewards that are redeemable even before you finish your primary rescue mission. Once you have successfully completed a stage, you have the option to press the button to "cash out" and secure your winnings before potentially losing everything.

Discover our expert strategies for emerging victorious in the enthralling mini-game known as Save the Princess.

I find it fascinating that the Save the Princess™ game is officially recognized as a game of chance, ensuring its fairness through a "Provably Fair" system. This means that the outcomes of the game are entirely random and cannot be influenced or tampered with by any player, casino, or bot. Nevertheless, it is quite intriguing to consider implementing a strategy that can help mitigate the risks involved in playing the game.

When embarking on this thrilling adventure, opt for the beginner's level to ensure you possess the necessary tools to conquer your adversaries, barring the inevitable specter of death, of course. To optimize your gains, consider wagering a larger sum of money. Additionally, contemplate cashing in your earnings whenever you ascend to a more challenging stage and have exhausted all available safeguards, which can only be utilized once throughout your entire gameplay session.

Final Verdict on the Casino Game "Save the Princess"

If you're feeling nostalgic for the days of endless hours playing Mario Bros, then this arcade game is guaranteed to bring back those memories. However, what sets this particular title apart is the potential for lucrative rewards while you engage in gameplay. Turbo Games has ingeniously combined elements of roleplay and adventure to create the Save the Princess™ casino, a captivating online mini-game. Our team of experts thoroughly enjoyed putting this game to the test, and they highly recommend that you head over to casinozer and give it a try. Not only will it provide a thrilling experience, but there's also the chance to boost your bankroll while embarking on a quest to rescue the princess.

FAQ: Common inquiries regarding the Save the Princess Casino

Discover the steps to engage in demo mode at Save the Princess casino.

When it comes to trying out a game without any financial commitment, you have the option to play for free using virtual currency in the demo version. Simply click on the "Demo" button and you'll be instantly taken to the gameplay of this enchanting game, complete with a generous bankroll. This mode gives you the opportunity to explore the game's unique features and hone your skills through practice.

Can you enjoy Save the Princess on your smartphone?

I'm thrilled to share that Turbo Games, the brilliant developer behind Save the Princess™, has taken care of every detail to ensure you can enjoy this incredible game on your mobile device or tablet. They have gone above and beyond to optimize the game for smaller screens, guaranteeing a seamless and immersive experience. All you need to do is open your smartphone or tablet's browser and connect to the casino to start playing this captivating title. It's truly remarkable how smoothly everything works!

What is the payout percentage for the mini-game called "Save the Princess" at the casino?

Knowing the expected winnings is made possible by the return rate or RTP, which stands at 95% in this particular case. This percentage is considered high for games falling under the category of Save the Princess™ casino mini-game. The closer the RTP is to 100%, the greater the advantage it offers against the house.

Save the Princess: 9.5/10.
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